RNC Night 3: Romney, Rubio Crush It; Clint Eastwood Loses It

Last night Mitt Romney took the stage as the final speaker at the Republican National Convention to accept the GOP nomination for President. Romney's critics have been pandering him for weeks to ditch his robotic and stoic demeanor, demanding he show a little more 'soul' to humanize himself to viewers. Day 3 of the convention delivered all that and more. In the biggest speech of his political career a revealing Romney did just that by appealing to disaffected 2008 Obama voters. Romney highlighted his life as a family man and a risk taking entrepreneur.  He criticized the President for his lacking resume. Marco Rubio delivered an extremely well received introduction of Romney. All this followed a bizarre, rambling rant from Clint Eastwood where he attempted to have an ad lib conversation with an invisable Barack Obama.

Last Night's Speeches:

Transcript of Gov. Mitt Romney's Acceptance Speech - Washington Post

In light of Clint Eastwood's epic fail I would have preferred just about anyone, even this guy to be the GOP's "Mystery Speaker"

Mayor Daily Dozen
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