Mayor Daily Dozen: 8/29/12

Last night the Republican National Convention opened with a bang in Tampa Bay as the GOP set out to cater to minorities and women by breaking out some of the up-and-coming stars of the GOP. The most dynamic of these speakers were Gov. Nikki Haley (SC), US Senate hopeful Ted Cruz (TX), and Mia Love (UT) who is hoping to be the first black woman elected to the House in GOP history. All helped show that the conservative message of the GOP can ring true for all Americans, not just rich, white males. Ann Romney became America's sweet heart with a heartfelt speech that helped Americans get a better idea of just who Mitt Romney the person is. Night one's rousing keynote was delivered by NJ Gov. Chris Christie who spelled out what was necessary to build 'the second American century.' Gov. Christie's dynamic speech was notable for both its extremely positive tone and its departure from the normal pettiness of attacks that has marked this campaign. In a speech that seemed to be a springboard to a future presidential run of his own Christie spoke the words 'Barack Obama' and 'Mitt Romney' under 10 times combined. All in all, night one could hardly have gone off better for the GOP. On deck tonight will be a keynote from Congressman Paul Ryan, Romney's VP pick.

The Speeches from Last Night's GOP Convention:

Transcript of Gov. Chris Christie's Keynote Address - Drudge Report

Transcript of Ann Romney's Remarks - Washington Post

Transcript of Gov. Nikki Haley's Speech - Palmetto Public Record

Transcript of Ted Cruz's Speech at RNC -

Transcript of Mia Love's Speech - Salt Lake Tribune

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