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Dear Nintendo: Embrace The Desktop And Mobile Gaming Markets To Sell Your Games

Dear Nintendo, As of recent you have been handling all the attention from the media suggesting you are making a move towards mobile gaming. Although you deny that this is the case, this is something you should seriously consider. I would even suggest that you also aggressively seek to make your games available for the... Read more »

I've Joined The Minecraft Brigade

So there’s this thing called Minecraft. I mostly know about it because YouTube’s Gaming category seems to have thousands of videos of being, drunk and sober, playing this pixelated create-your-own-world-adventure-whatever game. I’ve talked about it at work to some gaming heads and their general reaction seems to be that of “needs more killing”. There is... Read more »

Would you buy a high-priced game with these glitches?

Controversy in the universe of video gaming is easy to follow when you actually have the consoles and games that are mentioned. Much has been said about how the recent entry in the Resident Evil franchise not only has been vastly removed from it’s survival horror roots, but how the quicktime events and camera angles... Read more »

When did liking Super Mario Brothers become a crime?

Gamespot recently reported via the NPD group today that New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintendo 3DS was the fourth best selling game last month. Number one was Madden NFL 13, while number two for that month was Borderlands 2. This list, which I’ll post below, makes me laugh for a simple reason: 1. Madden... Read more »