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Doctor Who: The Franchise That Can Fix Itself

Doctor Who: The Franchise That Can Fix Itself
By all accounts, Doctor Who appeared to have lost the public interest and the interest of the BBC by the time the show had been canceled in 1989. The shoe-string budgets, which were tolerated in the 60s and 70s, seemed inexcusable in an era with blockbuster science fiction films like Star Wars, Close Encounters and... Read more »

Star Trek is not an action sci-fi series

I’m going to spell this out for you in the clearest way possible: Star Trek is not Star Wars. I liked the 2009 reboot of the original series and the creation of a whole new timeline. The one aspect that I didn’t really care for, and this is going to piss off people who loved... Read more »

Star Trek: Insurrection Attempts To Prove That Preschoolers Could Write A Trek Script

After the success of First Contact it was clear that Paramount was eager for another hit from the Star Trek: Next Generation film franchise with Insurrection. The idea to go for a more lighter tone seemed logical, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, is considered one of the most entertaining of the original series film... Read more »