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United Airlines: Stop Messing With David Choi's Luggage

Singer/Songerwriter David Choi is something of an interest to me musically. His songs have a funny melancholy to them that doesn’t feel completely annoying or overtly dramatic as someone of his caliber would often sound like. I mostly came into knowing about him through from the so-infectously-deep-pot-shot-at-pop-music known as “Dance To This Song”, which he... Read more »

To Columbia Records: What Are You Doing With Nikki Jean?

This is Nikki Jean. Singer. Songwriter. Cool ass video blogger. During Christmas 2008, after having just done a tour with Kanye West, Columbia Records signed her. If you have followed her on YouTube from the beginning, or came in somewhere in the middle like I did, you’ll know that for a long long time people... Read more »