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Doctor Who: Why Can't The Next Actor To Play The Role Be Black?

Disney, J.J. Abrams and everyone connected to the making of the latest Star Wars took a chance in casting John Boyega as one of the leads. Science-fiction franchises like SW often send fans into an outrage when doing any sort of radical casting. To me, the world has changed so much (Barack Obama being the... Read more »

Star Trek is not an action sci-fi series

I’m going to spell this out for you in the clearest way possible: Star Trek is not Star Wars. I liked the 2009 reboot of the original series and the creation of a whole new timeline. The one aspect that I didn’t really care for, and this is going to piss off people who loved... Read more »

Some Doctor Who Fans Need A Better Defense For Their Show

Ratings. Appreciation Indexes. The word “millions”. I strangely used one, or all three of these types of answers in a blog post on someone else’s site who got pissed off with all of the attention that last Harry Potter film received. That blog post however was about the money people put towards fantasy films, it... Read more »

Why The BBC Should Cancel Doctor Who

(I have made two attempts to explain why this show should be put to rest. This will be my last attempt to do so.) Before I go on as to why I believe Doctor Who should be canceled, I should let it be known that I actually liked a few episodes of the new series.... Read more »