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Sean Hannity Would Be Perfect For Comedy Central

Sean Hannity Would Be Perfect For Comedy Central
With advertisers pulling support for Sean Hannity's show on Fox News, it won't be long before he is off the air. Much like anyone who irks the nation for a living on the airwaves, it won't be long before Hannity finds another home. I wonder, given how much he is considered a clown of the right, if he wouldn't be better off being on Comedy Central...

To Joy Villa: Do Not Trust Trump Supporters

Dear Joy, Congratulations on your recent rise up the Internet music charts and for your ability to become “discovered” by an audience that ordinarily wouldn’t have listened to you. Trump voters, however, are a scary bunch of folks to gain as fans; the minute you turn on them or say something they don’t like, they... Read more »

I'm All Out Of Rage

They say that in order to fix the world, you need to fix yourself. I’m dealing with being in my mid-30s and overweight, I’m dealing with having the inability to get some sleep and I’m battling to find some kind of self-worth in a world that seems to ask people to find worth in other... Read more »

Mitt Romney may have accidentally inspired the next great rap song

During the 2nd presidential debate this week, Mitt Romney (in his infinite “wisdom”) inadvertently set off the next great set of memes by using a line that only a really dull salesman wearing plaid would use if he was picking up soccer moms at Bar Louie: Quoted from the NY Daily News (via Jonathan Lemire): Romney made the remark in talking... Read more »

Why Mitt Romney is scared of Sesame Street

People have the right to vote for whomever they wish to. Stacey Dash recently certainly exercised this American trait by declaring that she would vote for Mitt Romney on November 6 of this year. I would be fine with her decision if she could fathom the fact that the man she is voting for is... Read more »

You Don't Have The Right To Remain Slient Unless You Say So?

A Supreme Court decision just came down yesterday that basically gives law enforcement the right to ream your soul even more. Basically, you need to speak up and say you wish to remain silent: From The Detroit Free Press: In a 5-4 decision, the court ruled that if a suspect has been read and understands... Read more »