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My Favorite Michael Jackson Album? Bad

In 1987, Michael Jackson would released his third solo album entitled Bad with the intention of making an album that was more aggressive than Thriller. The album did well, but not enough to beat the mega-monster that was the former. Despite everyone filing Thriller in the category of the best-selling album of all time, it... Read more »

Let Chris Brown Live

It’s gotta be tough to be Chris Brown. You walk down the street, give an interview on TV or on the radio, talk with fans and have parties with all your celebrity friends.  You live the life of a famous person. In the aftermath of his rather chaotic relationship with Rihanna now, being in the... Read more »

A Bizarre, Yet Telling Michael Jackson Commerical

Michael Jackson was not only the king of pop, but he was also the master of marketing his own brand. Somewhere around 1992 just after releasing Dangerous, Michael Jackson shot yet another commercial. This commercial, which featured an older Michael Jackson meeting his younger self, was originally to sell Pepsi. This directors-cut like version of... Read more »

Songs I Have On Repeat

I know there’s thousands and thousands of lists that dictate what songs are the best of the best. How many of those great songs can be repeated over and over again? Very few I imagine. This is my list of songs that I have on repeat when I have them in my MP3 player.  ... Read more »