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I'm All Out Of Rage

They say that in order to fix the world, you need to fix yourself. I’m dealing with being in my mid-30s and overweight, I’m dealing with having the inability to get some sleep and I’m battling to find some kind of self-worth in a world that seems to ask people to find worth in other... Read more »

When did liking Super Mario Brothers become a crime?

Gamespot recently reported via the NPD group today that New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintendo 3DS was the fourth best selling game last month. Number one was Madden NFL 13, while number two for that month was Borderlands 2. This list, which I’ll post below, makes me laugh for a simple reason: 1. Madden... Read more »

Attention Will Smith: Stay Away From Alfred Hitchcock

I’m not a Will Smith hater. He’s a good actor and a likeable rapper. When it comes to producing projects for himself and for his family, Smith should take on original material rather than remakes. Having already warmed over a 1980’s franchise with The Karate Kid remake, Mr. Smith wants to take on Alfred Hitchcock... Read more »