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A Smartphone Is Not Worth Your Life

Destiny Colon, 17, was shot yesterday morning as she traveled to Epic Academy where she is a senior. The reason? A man tried to take her smartphone from her. She refused. Now Destiny is lying in a hospital bed and fighting for her life. Nobody should have to question how one stays safe in this... Read more »

Chicago Actors You Should Know: Chris Vaughn

This is Chris Vaughn. He’s an actor and a photographer. I’ve come to know of Chris Vaughn mostly because of the fact he and I both use the hell out of Twitter. I decided to interview Mr. Vaughn not really because of the fact we both reply to each otheir’s tweets. I wanted simply to... Read more »

Chicago Public Schools: HBO's "The Wire" Is Predicting Your Future

I don’t put The Wire in the highest of esteem that others put it. It was well-written, well-acted and thoughtful. It was also very depressing in it’s portrayal of Baltimore and it’s grand indifference to gang violence, drugs, and it’s crumbling school system. Since the show has gone off the air awhile back, the problem... Read more »

A Few Ideas To Stop Violence In Chicago Neighborhoods

Understand that this post carries a little humor and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Yesterday I was made aware of the fact that a couple of our upstanding politicians wish to bring the National Guard in to stop the violence in Chicago. I can certainly see their point given that every other day it appears... Read more »