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The 21 Jump Street Movie: In Search Of Holly Robinson Peete

For those wondering whether actress Holly Robinson Peete will be featured in the new 21 Jump Street film based on the 1980s Fox show of the same name, I have included a screen capture of her cameo role in the film. The trailer doesn’t highlight a cameo from Johnny Depp, who also played in the... Read more »

The Breakfast Club: Still Relevant, Still Realisitc

As a child of the 1980s, I should have known all of the films of John Hughes. Sadly my library of VHS tapes at the time didn’t have any of his films. That didn’t change much in the 1990s as I became a teenager or even in the 2000’s with me now as an adult... Read more »

Songs I Have On Repeat: Part II (6/20/10)

This is a list of songs that I currently, or previously, have had on repeat in my music collection. Some of thse choices are familar and common, while some are not. In any case, it’s a peek inside my rather twisted head of what I consider good music at the moment. Mr. Mister — 1985... Read more »

Everybody Is Not Going To Cut Loose To A Footloose Remake

Back in my day, I used to buy the hell out of the Footloose soundtrack. Every song was corny as Kansas, but it was a happier time for me. I don’t feel that way anymore when I listen to the music and I hardly feel excited when I see the film on television. That being... Read more »

Ghostbusters 3 = Another Unwanted Sequel

I liked Ghostbusters. At least I liked the original film. To say that I want a sequel is about the same as wanting cancer. Sure, there’s some perverse excitement in me that is wondering what could come from a third Ghostbusters film. Then I think of Beverly Hills Cop III. The project has been mentioned... Read more »