I've Joined The Minecraft Brigade

So there's this thing called Minecraft.

I mostly know about it because YouTube's Gaming category seems to have thousands of videos of being, drunk and sober, playing this pixelated create-your-own-world-adventure-whatever game. I've talked about it at work to some gaming heads and their general reaction seems to be that of "needs more killing". There is killing so to speak: you have to kill animals to be able to survive and your deal with a various assortment of pixelated baddies who to try to kill you.

I mostly am dib-dabing in my own world that I have created at the moment. The true popularity of the game is the ability to multi-play and build with others. Since my circle of friends is rather small and they don't play, or have the computers to play these kinds of games, I'll invest in one of the many servers that exist. If anyone knows of a good "newbie" server I can try out, please feel free to leave a comment (or you can tweet me - links are on the About Matthew Milam page above).

I'll probably blog on here about my experiences. From what I can see, it's the kind of relaxing good time that is missing from the world of video gaming.


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    I'm admin on a small mc server. We don't get heaps of traffic, so its great for new players. We'd love to have ya.
    My name on the server is TheHellblazer.

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