Would you buy a high-priced game with these glitches?

Controversy in the universe of video gaming is easy to follow when you actually have the consoles and games that are mentioned. Much has been said about how the recent entry in the Resident Evil franchise not only has been vastly removed from it's survival horror roots, but how the quicktime events and camera angles distract from a gamer from being able to maneuver through the campaigns. Having sold my Xbox 360 recently due to not really having the time to play anything, I get my idea of how bad a game is by watching others play them on YouTube.

One user that I follow, TheRadBrad, posted a video which highlights a huge glitch in Medal Of Honor: Warfighter which is priced currently on Amazon at $59.99. Just after it's October 23 release, Electronic Arts and Danger Close Games put together a massive patch to correct this and other issues within the game's programming. Such "better late than never moves" make you wonder what the creative teams are thinking about when putting games together these days.

I could understand one or two things that need to be fixed, but Medal Of Honor: Warfighter has literally a whole list of issues than I believe should have been fixed before they released it if the list of fixes is anything to go by. I suppose when you are raking in the money at $59.99 a game, you can stand a little gamer angst and feed them a "chicken soup" patch to keep them happy. Bullshit.

$59.99 is nothing to sneeze at and it's harder to come by. These companies can do better than that. Or...perhaps gamers should stop buying from developers who don't give two damns about quality.


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