Why Mitt Romney is scared of Sesame Street

People have the right to vote for whomever they wish to. Stacey Dash recently certainly exercised this American trait by declaring that she would vote for Mitt Romney on November 6 of this year. I would be fine with her decision if she could fathom the fact that the man she is voting for is clueless about Sesame Street.

For those of who that haven't heard, Mitt Romney has vowed that as president that he would cut all funding towards PBS. Although PBS survives on donations, those government funds are a huge resource to keep the operation afloat. Taking those funds away would mean that children would probably have to learn the English language, which his party wishes for every citizen to learn, from Lil'Wayne.

It could be argued that parents need to spend more time with their children rather than allowing a television show to educate them. With parents trying to work more hours to make ends meet, this ideal situation is hard to replicate in each household. A show such as Sesame Street which calls for some kind of interactivity with it's audience, unlike Jersey Shore, can help educate a child part of the way.

A bigger point that should be raised in the case for the success of Sesame Street is fun: How much of the learning process is really exciting? Not much. For the most part your activity is sitting and listening, sitting and reading and sitting and taking notes from a book. If you are going to be learning via the art of sitting on your duff, you might as well have a puppet rather than a dullard human being driving you to learn something.

But let's step back for a second...

Maybe Mitt Romney understands the power of Sesame Street. After all, people who grow up understanding their ABC's and 123's with a tiny bit of moral reasoning  probably wouldn't vote for a guy like him. I guess that's what Romney doesn't like for Sesame Street: Big Bird carries more weight in this country than him.


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  • As I took his point, it was that Elmo could sell advertising, just like all the lousy kids shows on CBS, NBC, and the CW do. Maybe Grungetta could front for a cleaning service. But I did mention lousy. Plus add in those PBS stations that add pledge drives to Sesame St.

    Picking Big Bird was a mistake, symbolically.

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    I am of the same opinion as you do, if you consider that the man can say the same respect as you

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