Why is Nicki Minaj on American Idol?

I don't watch American Idol.

I didn't care for it back in the days when I was in college and I still don't care for it now as the producers try to entice a new audience with the induction of Nicki Minaj as a judge on their panel. For viewers who cringe at the supposedly downward spiral of the show and for fans of the Young Money rapper/singer who follow everything she does, I have a singular question:

How does Nicki Minaj, who seems to be struggling with what she wants to be musically, fit well into the American Idol image?

Those of who you are fans of the show and have seen this show from the first season, I would love to know if rapping was ever part of the competition. The few times I've seen the show, I never saw any rapper actually get a review from any of the judges. Maybe things have changed, but technically her inclusion violates what the show is all about: finding the next singer!

Again, how does she fit?

Can I get some help from Nicki Minaj fans?

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