The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency: When Will It Be Back?

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency: When Will It Be Back?

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency hasn't had a new episode since April of 2009 (the original broadcasts of the show on the BBC Network before HBO aired them). Petitions have been signed and fans have cried for it's return for two years on the show's official Facebook page. The only word about the show's return that ever came about was a mention from Michael Lombardo, who is the President of Programming at HBO.

In 2010 while doing at a press tour for the Television Critics Assocation, Mr. Lombardo confirmed that the show had been canceled after it's first season. He did however add that two movies are being put together:

This weekend, Lombardo said, “We’re talking to our friends at the Weinstein Company about the possibility of, and actually developing two scripts, possibly to do two movies. And if we can get the cast together and if everything can come together we’ve love to do it. So it’s alive.”

The series which is based on a series of books by Alexander McCall Smith, starred singer Jill Scott as Precious Ramotswe and Anika Noni Rose as Grace Makutsi as a pair of private detectives who run an agency in Botswana (which is located in South Africa). The stories of the series and of the books are considerably less gruesome than the kind that normally dominate today's television. Although this is considered a detective show, most of the first season episodes never dealt with serial killers or murders; a missing child, a missing husband and a background check on pageant contestants were more of the cases the agency dealt in.

However simple these cases were, the cases were not the main attraction of the show. Precious Ramotswe, sensitive yet strong, wise and yet sometimes naive, is a rare breed of detective in the clogged drain known as crime television; She doesn't beat people she suspects with her fists, nor does she completely wear her job on her face. She's a woman attempting to balance her personal life and the life of a businesswoman.

Grace Makutsi, her secretary (and eventually upgraded to detective), is a very intelligent, direct, conservative woman who scored 97% percent at the secretarial college but constantly feels overlooked because she doesn't showcase her sexuality as a means of getting a job.  Initially at the beginning of the series Makutsi keeps her personal life secret: she doesn't let on that she takes care of her sick brother Richard who suffers from the AIDS virus. The fact that she is often dismissed because of her straight and narrow appearance often causes her to snip at others who would be more attractive than her.

I would hope that characters would be a draw for people these days rather than whether the plot is complicated, or whether there's enough action to burn through an hour. Since that is about all that television audiences seem to care for these days, shows like this will always struggle for an audience. That is, unless the people demand it.

To speak on your love, if you are a fan of this series, let HBO know on their official site and leave a comment on this thread. You can also visit the official page of the series on Facebook. You can also go to this petition set up by Dr. Goddess (you'll need Twitter to sign it). Last but not least, you could just send a friendly and respectful letter to HBO at


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