Why Angell Conwell Should Have Been The New Wonder Woman

I was never the biggest fan of Wonder Woman. I did however on occasion in my youth watch syndicated re-runs of the 1970's television adaptation of the show starring Lynda Carter as the DC Comics character. Although it lasted only three years and jumped networks in the middle of it's run, Lynda Carter still stands as being the only successful actress to play the character.

For the past few years, Hollywood has been trying to bring back Wonder Woman to the sliver (or small) screen without really any success. Years ago, rumor has it that singer Mariah Carey was in line to play the character. Given that she bombed (aside from Precious) in her acting career, handing that franchise over to her would have been a big mistake.


Most recently NBC attempted to bring back Wonder Woman to a television series with Adrianne Palicki in the title role. Even with David E. Kelley as producer, the pilot shot for the series to come didn't impress executives enough and they quickly scrapped the idea. Aside from the costume looking more than plastic then the 1970's costume, the actress picked for the past barely fills out the costume.


This is Angell Conwell.

Currently stars on the Young and The Restless, has been in the acting game for a number of years. Mostly she tends to get cited for her supporting roles, but I believe she has the physical requirements and the acting presence to make the role her own (although someone is going to say she's too short). Adding a black woman would not only bring the show some kind of twist, but it would also gain African-American interest in the franchise itself.



Wanna know why I came to this decision? I had a dream literally picturing her in the costume with the 1970's theme music blaring in the background as she was leaping around with her lasso. Comic book fanboys can argue with me all day and night, but this would be the perfect casting choice and it's an actress who hasn't been used alot in major starring roles. She's also fine as wine in the summer time.

I dare someone to come at me with a "Why Wonder Woman Can't Be Black?" explanation.


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  • SHE is BLACK!... Wonder Woman is not. Find your own hero .

  • What? NO WAY! LOL Wonder Woman is NOT Black. I don't want to see a black Wonder Woman any more than I want to see a white Storm! Give me a break.

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