What Television Themes Stay In Your Brain After All These Years?


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Since this is also a music blog (a subject which I haven't covered lately), I decided to list a few television themes of years past that still stick to my brain. Some are from shows I never watched that much or really cared for while others were from personal favorites.
1.  Mystery Science Theater 3000

This is a personal favorite of mine to watch. I know it's not wise to talk during a movie, but the 

movies this show used to have made me re-consider.


This is also a personal favorite of mine that I just recently got to watching. It's perhaps one of the only ones to have a killer baseline at the beginning.


 I never watched this show at all. The car was cool thou.


This is kind of like the previous theme. Notice how cars were always an important part of action shows back in the day.


Another cool one. I don't think America was sold on Hulk Hogan being an actor. The boat and song were nice thou.
Change the boat to a bike, change the guy to a bounty hunter who likes to take his shirt off alot and make the theme song more country. What do you get? Renegade. 
These are just a few of the ones that come to mind.

If you have a few that still stick in your brain, leave a comment.

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