Nicki Minaj: Less Booty, More Talent

Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj seems to be the biggest female rapper out there at the moment. When people, especially men, discuss how big she is, they are hardly referring to her rap skills; they are referring to junk in her trunk. 

It seems to be working for her in terms of getting the media's attention, but what does that say about her as a rapper?

Let's imagine for a minute that years down the line this legendary booty that Miss Minaj has suddenly is no longer appealing; What would be her legacy then except her wacky voices and rhymes? 

I seem to recall a few interviews here and there were she had stated that she did those things to get attention (in terms of her rap style), but that she actually has an original voice. Now that she has the world's attention, I believe Nicki Minaj can move away from the cartoony style she's known for and on to music that people can connect to. 
I'm not sure she'll bother to read my opinion on what she should do, but I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that there's a chance that she's thinking about the longevity of the gimmicks she has.

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