CBS Cancels The Defenders: Can Another Network Bring Them Back?

CBS Cancels The Defenders: Can Another Network Bring Them Back?
It's official. CBS has canceled The Defenders.
Executive produced by Carol Mendholson, who also is the current executive producer of the original CSI, the show focused on two flashy Las Vegas lawyers played by Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell. Rather than handle exclusively serial killers as CSI currently does, they handle the cases that most lawyers throw away. It's funny, it's breezy, and it doesn't present a completely morbid picture of the universe as other crime franchises do these days (with the exception of the NCIS franchise which I never watch).
Canning this show really doesn't make any sense. 
Treme, which apparently has had low ratings since it started was just renewed for a third season by HBO. Fringe, which also has had low ratings for a minute, has been renewed for another season by Fox recently. The Defenders, which hasn't even gotten it's feet wet in it's first season gets pushed to Fridays and gets canceled due to low ratings.
Does this make any sense?
All of these networks keep clearing the slate of show's that aren't performing well to their standards, but they don't seem to keen on original ideas. NBC wants two-hours of The Voice and Fox wants to put The X-Factor on for two nights a week. I don't expect NBC to be taking any chances since they decided to pump that lame ass Jay Leno show instead of spending more time on Southland. Fox on the other hand used to be the network that took chances, now they are making leaps to easy street by jumping on the Reality TV bandwagon.
I wonder if the show would be better suited to The FX Network. TNT, which has had some success with rescuing Southland from NBC (it has recently been renewed for a fourth year), perhaps could make room for the show as well. I'll try to make the appropriate phone calls to find out for myself.
This is unfair, this is bull.
Time for some action.
UPDATE: I have created a petition for Twitter users to sign. I am now working on a petition for non-Twitter users to sign. 

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