Beyonce Knowles Has No Real Power Over Real Women

Beyonce Knowles.

Former member of Destiny's Child.

One of the many things about this woman that seems to constantly be mentioned is the fact that she talks about girl power and women being in charge. Obviously, the reality is different and far from the message that Beyonce likes to push. If Beyonce did a song however in the vein of James Brown's "It's A Man's World", she would be criticized for cutting down women.

I don't take Beyonce or whatever her message is seriously. I personally don't think she's all that talented and found that other members of her former group perhaps, at least for the sake of the Beyonce overkill the world is feeling, should at least get that exposure. Lord knows Letoya Luckett has been trying for the longest to get the kind of attention Beyonce always gets, yet the media machine pushes Beyonce.

The Beyonce stans will of course enter with comments like:

"She's talented and your are just hating because she is"

"Letoya doesn't have the voice and she just sucks" (change that to either Michelle, Kelly or Latavia, it's all the same message).

A real women, no matter the culture, will decide on her own what her true worth is and where her place in the world is. To let celebrities decide that for is a little dangerous given that the celebrity in question might not be the right person to send such a message.  Sometimes you have to turn off the media and turn on your own brain to figure out what you want.

When Beyonce fades into the sunset, another pop sensation will be taken to task for he or she shouldn't say. Base it on the one thing that matters (the music) and all the rest of the political/sociological nonsense won't factor in whether you recognize her as a musical force.


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