Actress Judith Barsi: Gone Too Soon

It's amazing how Ebay inspired this.
A few days ago I purchased the screenplay for Jaws: The Revenge, which was the fourth Jaws film and considered one of the worst movies of all time. Like anyone else I first looked to Wikipedia for information on the production of this film. Searching through it I came across the tragic death Judith Barsi who had a role in the film.
She was only ten years old when her father killed her and her mother in a murder-sucidie in 1988.
Her list of credits however was the part that struck me as being the saddest part of her short time on earth. The few I list are the ones that I actually watched growing up:
All Dogs Go To Heaven (as Anne-Marie)
The New Twilight Zone's "A Little Peace and Quiet"
The Land Before Time (as Ducky)
These three selections from her credits were actually solid pieces of acting work.
People die tragically every day and don't nearly get much of the attention as someone whose been in show businesses. One thing that bothers me tremendously and irks me to no end is when a life is taken so soon. Had she lived into adulthood, she could have been a powerhouse if she had been given the chance.
In honor of her short time on this earth, Freddie Jackson and Irene Cara recorded "Love Survives" for the All Dogs Go To Heaven soundtrack. It's a beautiful song and doesn't contain any of the schmaltz that tends to infect kids movies sometimes. I'm sure somewhere in Heaven she's still listening to it.
Rest in peace, Judith.

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