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An Open Letter To Nikki Jean

Dear Nikki,  I seriously hope that when Pennies In A Jar comes out on July 12th that you get the success that you deserve. I believe in your scaled-back sound and your humble demeanor. You don’t put it flashy dance numbers or try to present yourself as some sort of untouchable pop princess. You’ve shown... Read more »

Beyonce Knowles Has No Real Power Over Real Women

Beyonce Knowles. Former member of Destiny’s Child. One of the many things about this woman that seems to constantly be mentioned is the fact that she talks about girl power and women being in charge. Obviously, the reality is different and far from the message that Beyonce likes to push. If Beyonce did a song... Read more »

Why Angell Conwell Should Have Been The New Wonder Woman

I was never the biggest fan of Wonder Woman. I did however on occasion in my youth watch syndicated re-runs of the 1970’s television adaptation of the show starring Lynda Carter as the DC Comics character. Although it lasted only three years and jumped networks in the middle of it’s run, Lynda Carter still stands... Read more »

CBS Cancels The Defenders: Can Another Network Bring Them Back?

CBS Cancels The Defenders: Can Another Network Bring Them Back?
  It’s official. CBS has canceled The Defenders. Executive produced by Carol Mendholson, who also is the current executive producer of the original CSI, the show focused on two flashy Las Vegas lawyers played by Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell. Rather than handle exclusively serial killers as CSI currently does, they handle the cases that most... Read more »

Nicki Minaj: Less Booty, More Talent

Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj seems to be the biggest female rapper out there at the moment. When people, especially men, discuss how big she is, they are hardly referring to her rap skills; they are referring to junk in her trunk.  It seems to be working for her in terms of getting the media’s... Read more »

What Television Themes Stay In Your Brain After All These Years?

Television. The vast wasteland. The opium for the masses. Since this is also a music blog (a subject which I haven’t covered lately), I decided to list a few television themes of years past that still stick to my brain. Some are from shows I never watched that much or really cared for while others... Read more »