Why The BBC Should Cancel Doctor Who

(I have made two attempts to explain why this show should be put to rest. This will be my last attempt to do so.)

Before I go on as to why I believe Doctor Who should be canceled, I should let it be known that I actually liked a few episodes of the new series. As anyone who actively watches a show with any kind of sense knows, a television show has good moments and bad moments. Doctor Who fans who watch the show with a passion understand this fact well.

By the end of the 1980's during the show's original run, Doctor Who had begun to look worn out and no longer seemed to have the fire that made it must-see television back in the 1960's and 70's. The BBC, like any other network, knew this and ended the show in 1989 despite however much the more extreme fans of the fandom wished it would stay on. It was a dead ship with nowhere to go and The BBC did the franchise a favor by letting it die.

Now, in my opinion, the BBC needs to do it again. The last two seasons of the new series have become increasingly disconnected emotionally. The plots, which were never the easiest to understand even in the old days, have become so cluttered with excess that a new viewer, or a person bothered to no end as to how great the show is,  would seemingly turn the channel simply to avoid a headache. 

Plotting aside, I would be more than willing to put up with twists and turns if they were presented in a manner that actually made me want to keep coming back every week.

Take for instance the Series 6 premiere, "The Impossible Astronaut".

Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) meet The Doctor (Matt Smith) and River Song (Alex Kingston) in Utah to see The Doctor killed by an alien who happens to like donning a space suit. Moments later, after burning The Doctor's now dead body, a younger Doctor appears. All three of them unfortunately now have to somehow change the course of The Doctor's history to prevent him from dying again. 

If you thought typing that out was hard, you'd have to imagine what it felt like to actually watch it unfold. If that wasn't enough, suddenly the situation becomes bigger when Richard Nixon gets involved. Why was he involved? Why was The Doctor killed? Who were those aliens who looked as if they were rejects from an X-Files episode?

Honestly by the time the previews had ended for the sequel episode, "Day Of The Moon", I hardly cared about the mystery being solved. Russell T. Davies, who got Doctor Who back on the air before Steven Moffat took over, was guilty of often adding more than the audience could chew in his time (Daleks In Manhattan anyone?). Davies however, and this is hard for me to admit, knew how to throw a zinger and leave you wondering even when the result didn't paramount to anything interesting (See the end of "The Waters Of Mars" and the following two-parter "The End Of Time" for a good example).

When Moffat, and the writers under his wing fall flat in the newer episodes of the new series, they fall depressingly flat. I hung in there during Matt Smith's Series Five opener as the 11th Doctor  ("The Eleventh Hour") and tried to excuse the passive plotting along with the horrendous little time they gave Sophie Okendo in the following episode ("The Beast Below"), but once I got to an episode centered on Vampires ("Vampires Of Venice"), I became enraged. I believed Steven Moffat was the man for the job to take over the role of executive producer.

Now, I don't even think that's the problem.

The man who wrote classics such as "The Girl In The Fireplace" doesn't seem to know what to do with the show. The screenplays now written for Doctor Who seem to be written by a man, and a rag tag team of writers, who seem to like drinking decaf before writing a story; Everything is murky, right down to the attempts at "humor". 

Where is the soul? Where is the light-heartedness? 

The Doctor Who that I prefer, the Doctor Who that was the most successful, was the one that knew how to stay in the middle; to be completely serious one minute and care-free the next. It takes a skillful set of writers to do this and I believe the writers of the latest series have the talent to do so. I am not sure that after being let down so much that I want to hang around to find out.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who perhaps wishes the show go on another break. 

It feels tired. Not just tired, but 1989 hanging-on-by-a-thread-tired. The break that the BBC gave Doctor Who after Series 4 should have been longer than a year. I believe by not having a real break, the burnout is beginning to show.

Cancelation is the only answer that makes sense to me. With time, a new team and a new passion for the show will make the series worth watching again. Until that time comes, you are witnessing the beginning of the end.

If the fans who are blind can't see that, then this will be 1989 all over again real fast.


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  • Firstly I feel the need to mention the statement you made in your previous pre-edited post on the Doctor Who fans who, in your words had no quams being 'spiteful' towards someone who no longer liked 'THERE' show.

    As a critic posting on an internet review site, you choose to make your opinion heard by people and you've got a right to do that, because of the way the site works we also have a right to reply in disagreement or criticism. You can't run claiming 'spite' just because people didn't like your review (Which, lets be honest, was at points as melodramatic as a RTD finale. e.g. statements such as - 'I cry...' and 'Where is the soul' - Were pretty cringy, even if they did come from the heart.)

    Secondly you wrote an article with a deliberately provoking angle. As with any show if you choose to say it should be cancelled then fans are going to react against you. You just so happened to do it for one of the most loved shows in the UK so you were sort of asking for reaction.

    I'll take that the opener was at points too complicated for the casual viewer. Sometimes Moffat does out stretch people's attention spans with plotting - but generally we get our payment back in full through his witty dialogue and fantastic visual ideas.

    Your statement that the show has lost its sense of fun seems ridiculous. The first episode BEGAN with the Doctor naked under a woman's dress, dancing on a Laurel and Hardy film and later the fantastic comedy sequence in the Oval Office and I could name hundreds of other fantastic comedic instances from the fifth series to reemphasise the same point.

    When criticising the last series you judge it on the basis of 4 episodes (one of which you seem to criticise only for not having enough Sophie Okenado - At which point I might emphasise roles are rarely written for actors, actors generally get chosen for roles. Surely as a reviewer you really SHOULD know that...) You didn't mention the excellent in tone Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone which balanced great tone, pace and scares or Pandorica Opens which had more than enough balance of character moments, laughs and mystery, or Amy's Choice which was alight with plenty of the 'light-heartedness' you cherish so much.

    Finally anyone who watched the Christmas special would have to be an idiot to say it was the work of a man on decaf failing to balance the funny and the dark.

    I'm not trying to be spiteful to you. But I disagree with you and I don't think the grandiose statement of your review, that Doctor Who should be cancelled is justified by your actual case. You provide little support for your statement that the show is 'hanging on by a thread' besides your belief that it has lost its light-hearted balance between light and dark which you base on a limited number of examples. You also make the statement where is the soul well it's here (SPOILERS: Watch as Amy Pond loses her husband in Amy's Choice, As the Doctor has to leave Father Octavian to die in Flesh and Stone, as Rory waits thousands of years to protect his girlfriend in the Big Bang, as the Doctor in the same episode speaks to the sleeping young Amy knowing he'll be erased from existence...I could go on) perhaps if you can't see the soul still very much present in the show, it's you who is 'blind'.

  • In reply to choggspaced:

    Finally anyone who watched the Christmas special would have to be an idiot to say it was the work of a man on decaf failing to balance the funny and the dark.


    The Christmas Special wasn't engaging. It felt more like an incredible bore. Same goes for Amy's Choice. When I don't care, I don't think it matters whether the elements are there or not. "The Girl In The Fireplace" was the point where the drama and the comedy were engaging, not distant.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    Once again though you're making statements without any worthwhile justification and it isn't very interesting. Saying something is a 'bore' isn't the same as making it so and the fact that YOU feel something doesn't mean a franchise holding on by a thread. (Although, I don't disagree he balanced light with dark in the Girl in the Fireplace.) Also if of my comment about your article the only thing you can find to argue against is your own opinion of two episodes I quoted, that kind of suggests your argument is pretty flimsy.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    Have to be another voice that disagrees utterly with what your saying.

    My parents have been watching since '63, and the reason they did so was it was some of the first childrens television which they didn't find condescending or patronising, and that's exactly the same reason it became a part of my own childhood (mostly through VHS admittedly). When the show returned under RTD the spirit was there, but everything I loved about the show, the writing, was lacking (with the exception of Moffat and Cornells contributions).

    Now under Moffat, I like many others, feel this is a golden era, the best writing since Robert Holmes passed away, finally the show we know and love is doing what it always did best, challenging kids to think, and daring adults to find their inner child. Certainly the strongest era in my lifetime. Now I get that you're not enjoying it, but when so many people are why on earth would you want to deny other people from finally getting a show they love and can call their own? What possible benefit is there to you for it's cancellation. It just seems somewhat spiteful.

    There's infighting, complaints about which Doctor is better or worse, which producer was better, there always was, there's supposed to be, but the show you enjoyed I and many others did not. Some people like both directions, most harp on about their favourites in one way or another however. You're the first person I've seen childish enough to want the show cancelled because his ideal era has been replaced with someone elses.

    I appreciate RTDs contributions, he did do emotion well, he gave the companions a more significant role, breathing life into them, but he was terrible at sci-fi and tended to aim at the lowest common denominator. The BBC isn't a commercial station, that's why something as wonderful as Moffats Who is able to flourish without dumbing down.

    On the matter of ratings, I don't know what it was like there but in the UK it was hot and sunny BBQ weather (atleast by British standards), the first we had in a while. The overnights always are down, but we're not in the stone ages, amazingly most of us have hard drive recorders, and the BBC iplayer service is available built in to most modern TVs, games consoles and freesat boxes. The overall figures remained constant, even a little elevated last year when factoring in delayed viewings.

  • Hope you know this long, ridiculous rant was useless since, as an American, you don't have any sort of say in whether or not the BBC cancels the show. Move to the UK, start paying a license fee, and try again.

    Your arguments are weak and extremely biased towards your personal taste. If you dislike the current state of the show so much, simply turn off your television and let the rest of us who DO enjoy the show keep on doing so. No one is MAKING you watch it.

  • In reply to Erisi:

    As an American, I do not have a say in whether the BBC should cancel the show or not. That doesn't mean I can't say it anyway.

    Believe it or not, I actually like Doctor Who. The current direction, with the exception for a small few episodes, just hasn't been that engaging. Even Murray Gold is feeling that winds of exhaustion as his own scores aren't engaging either.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    I'm sure Murray Gold will be interested to know that he's feeling exhausted; he and I speak occasionally. I'll be sure to let him know how he's feeling, in case he doesn't already know it himself.

  • In reply to Erisi:

    So you know Murray Gold...

    Big deal.

    I know a few famous folks myself. They know that I have an opinion and have no qualms with me expressing it. If somewhere along the line these people decide I made them mad, then it's there decision to stop reading what I write. I can't worry about how a person feels after saying I don't like something, I can only worry about how honest I am in what I write.

    It's extremely hard to do with Doctor Who because there are so many elements to point out. I went for the simple fact that it doesn't connect with people anymore because that's what I feel. I call for the cancelation because I feel that has to occur to other people as well who perhaps don't wish to speak on it because they are afraid of the flashmob of Who fans who always "ride or die" without considering the opinions of others.

    The BBC will never cancel Doctor Who, but they should and probably have considered doing that for other reasons than creative.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    This is not an opinion:

    "Even Murray Gold is feeling that winds of exhaustion as his own scores aren't engaging either."

    This IS an opinion:

    "I think that even Murray Gold is feeling that winds of exhaustion as I find that his own scores aren't engaging either."

    See the difference?

    Just saying, you might not want to make definitive judgmental statements about a person who is not yourself.

  • In reply to Erisi:

    And what you are doing is nitpicking just to be nitpicking.

  • In reply to Erisi:

    Wow reading these comments I think I should start watching this show. Intense support.

    If I enjoy the show, I may come back here and call Matthew Milam an idiot too.

    If I hate the show, I may come back here and call Matthew Milam an idiot still.

    But most likely I'll do neither becuase Matthew Milam is probably a good guy who pays his taxes and loves dogs.

  • In reply to Erisi:

    Plenty of people love the direction that Doctor Who has recently taken, in fact, one could argue that more do now then ever before. Until Doctor Who does not make money for BBC and its affiliates, it won't be cancelled regardless of whether or not one, or a few, or a thousand fans don't like its current direction.

    This article/blog was strictly opinion-based and can be argued in either direction. However, I do not think that you can call the current writing on the show "murky" when the writers have enough intelligence to foreshadow plots episodes and even seasons in advance.

  • In reply to Erisi:

    All of your criticisms in this post are vague to the point of being meaningless. You say the show is "increasingly disconnected emotionally" Okay. Do you have any specific examples of this? Any reasons why the show was previously more "connected" emotionally? You say the plots were "never the easiest to understand even in the old days". With all due respect, Doctor Who is a family show. The plots have never been hard to understand. They're very basic Sci-Fi. The way you describe the latest episode in the 6th paragraph makes me believe you just don't like science fiction shows. I mean the plot you described is really simple! There were several plots in series 1-4 that were far more complicated then that (all of the season finales for instance.)If you can't handle plotting like that then this isn't the show for you.

    You claim "Everything is murky, right down to the attempts at "humor"." Really? An episode with lines like "the legs the nose and Mrs. Robinson" is "murky" in it's humor? A show that has a complex 2 season arc is "murky" in it's plotting? You really think the 11th doctor has less "soul" and "light-heartedness" than the 10th?

    You say you prefer a doctor that can be "completely serious one minute and care-free the next." What do you call the doctor this episode, talking about flying biplanes in 1911 then being deathly serious about not trusting his companions the next? It seems that Moffat is giving you exactly what you want.

    Your supposed solution to the problems you have with the show is nonsensical. You claim to enjoy doctor who but you want it to be canceled? If you don't like the current direction of the show why wouldn't you wait for someone else to take over and try something new? Why would you want it to just end? Many people love the current iteration of the show. Everyone has seasons the don't enjoy in shows they like. They don't call for the show to be canceled. If you don't enjoy Moffat's Who or are just tired of the show(it sounds like you are) then don't watch it. In a few years someone else will run the show and you can give it another go.

    Really, the last sentence of your article undermines your whole piece. "If the fans who are blind can't see that, then this will be 1989 all over again real fast." You insult those who disagree with you by saying they're "blind". Because when someone doesn't come to the same conclusion as you, they must be "blind"! How mature of you. And isn't 1989 all over again what you want!? Didn't you just say the BBC should cancel the show? Just what is your point here?

    In conclusion your article was poorly articulated and needlessly antagonistic towards those that don't share your view. Next time try to write something from a more mature perspective with a less sensationalist tone and it might make sense.

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    In reply to toppercentage123:

    Vey well said, couldn't agree with you more

  • In reply to mmilam:

    But you've given no suggestion why it doesn't connect with people - you've only written about why it doesn't connect with YOU. 6.5 million people don't gather around their TV sets because they're afraid of a flashmob of fans. Also, most TV shows have flashmobs of fans Doctor Who is no different to Lost or Grey's Anatomy or Stargate in the fact it has dedicated fans who want the show to keep going. Silly silly milam!

  • In reply to mmilam:

    How do you know Doctor Who doesn't connect with people anymore? Vincent and the Doctor seems like a perfect example of an episode that connects. Just because the show doesn't connect with you anymore doesn't mean it doesn't connect with other people.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    Hah! Oh my, sir you are obviously 'butt-hurt' and confused. How dare you write such drivel. As an American and a Chicago-resident I have been watching Doctor Who since PBS acquired the rights to the Tom Baker-episodes. You sir seem to venting your butt-hurt at the wrong programming. Why this recent Series 6 opener scored an 88 on the BBC's rating system and even on BBCA it aired to 1.3 million viewers. Cancel it? Just because it doesn't live up to our American-standards? Hah! You sir are shitting us. Go take a look at the numbers, Mattie. They don't lie.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to mmilam:

    ." I went for the simple fact that it doesn't connect with people anymore because that's what I feel. I call for the cancelation because I feel that has to occur to other people as well"

    Wow I guess since that is how you feel then that is how EVERYONE feels. Oh wait you think that is what others MUST feel, I was unaware you spoke for the fans in the UK, and the US fans like myself. You know it's people like you who write articles like these that could get shows canceled just because YOU don't like it and claim to be the voice for others. Sure there are people who don't like the new seasons as much but I have yet to see ANY blogs that want the show cancelled. Oh that's right you claim to speak for these people because they are scared to voice there own opinions themselves. So now you not only insult the fans who like the show, you insult the ones who don't like it by calling them people who are so afraid to voice their opinions, so afradi to write words on a blog, and so you take it upon yourself to put words in their mouths. You sir are a pompous self righteous hack who should not be allowed to write anything

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    In reply to mmilam:

    WOW! I think you're just a troll. His music is better and better every single season. At this point he's more engaging than the "greats" Hans Zimmer and John Williams.

    Not only are you slightly on the slow side with the whole "Not being able to understand the plots that give you headaches" You are also tone deaf and an emotionless stump.

    This season of Doctor Who was by far the most engaging, and most powerful of the new series. And what an amazing ride it was.. Because in the end thats what its all about - the ride. And if you aren't onboard, then why are you even wasting your time writing about it?

    Ya know, instead of being this "Big critic" why don't you throw some of your wonderful ideas out there, or hell.. Give us an example of what's written better. Show us some material bro...

    Yeah, I suspect you wont have much to say because you're just a troll who wanted some attention on a blog.

    So yeah. Thanks for your time, thanks for helping me solidify that there are two types of people in the world - "Ones that get it and ones that don't"

    Just sucks that you can't see what we're seeing dude... And in some ways I feel bad for you.

    Its kind of like that scene in "HOOK" where the lost boys are trying to tell Robin Williams that theres a FEAST on the table, and he thinks they are all just mad - but they see it, and its SOOOO good.

    You are Robin Williams.

  • An interesting argument. I'll disagree. I'm new to the Doctor Who bandwagon. Started watching about 18 months ago. I worked my way through the DVD sets, was able to watch David Tennant's final episodes on BBC America, watched Torchwood's Children of Earth on BBC America and was there ever week for the new season of the Doctor with Matt Smith. I still get a thrill of seeing new Doctor Who on the TV each week. I still tear up at the end of Vincent and the Doctor as well at Amy's wedding (Raggy Man, you are late for my wedding). I love River Song (who the hell is she?), Rory, Amy and The Doctor. So I will respectfully disagree with your thoughts and hope you find some enjoyment on the new season. (You haven't checked out The Middleman via DVD, you should some have called it an American version of The Doctor). Did enjoy reading your comments.

  • In reply to jwj170104:

    I appreciate that you disagree with me and didn't call me an idiot.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    8.8 Million people in the UK watched the premiere. 1.5 million watched it on BBC America. 1.5 Million people downloaded it iplayer. It's safe to say a sizeable number of people of illegally downloaded the episode. The Audience Appreciation figures have not declined, even though this new Who isn't everyone's cup of tea. The success of the current Doctor Who is rousing, profitable and in every way undeniable. There really is no argument offered in this article other than "Matthew Milam doesn't like it." I liked Glee Season 1, I'm not loving Season 2, but many other people do. I'm not writing to Fox demanding it's cancellation. I find the tone of this column and many of the responses to the comments by Mr Milam to be arrogant, hollow and just plain ineffective. He has not been able to successfully argue against any of the rebuttals offered. I tried to give Mr Milam the benefit of the doubt but can only come to the conclusion that Mr Milam is in fact, an idiot who's immaturity wants to see the disappearance of anything he doesn't like or agree with.

  • This should never have gone to BBC America, but should have been left to those who are discriminating and selective enough to actively seek out and download the television programmes they want to watch from specialist web sites.

    If you are so disenamoured with Dr Who, why don't you just stick to pap like "Lost" and "Heroes", you twat?

  • In reply to borg:

    Believe it or not, Doctor Who is more like Lost now than in previous years.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    I have to agree with you on the Lost front. I've never seen it, but I have read about it and the two shows do seem to be quite similar, in the fact that they are driving the watchers bonkers as they try to work out what the heck is going on.

    I don't actually mind a bit of that - challenging chewy television as opposed to predictable formulaic stuff.

    But I know a lot of people find Moffat's Doctor Who heavy on plottiness and lacking in emotional umpff - but if you are going to do this you better make damn sure your actors are up to it.

    I hate to say this, but after watching The Impossible Astronaut I felt emotionally disconnected with the characters and heard myself muttering 'Matt Smith is no David Tennant'.

    I don't know about the new generation of Who fans, but a staple of older fans is to say 'it was total bollocks' while still watching it religiously. I, for one, would miss having Doctor Who to complain about because there is so much stuff to knock: the vibrating plastic fist from Rose; the skateboarding prawn from The Keys of Marinus; the Master stealing Concordes for no apparent reason that to scoff all the little packets of peanuts on board in Timeflight; why does Matt Smith play the Doctor bow legged for lord's sake?

    I would miss all that if it were gone.

  • In reply to borg:

    Man, you Brits on here are being douche-bags. Just because the writer of this blog is American and doesn't like the show's current direction doesn't mean Americans don't deserve to get to watch the show. The show has a rather large fan base in the US as well. I like the show. I'm an American. How would you like it if we took back all of "our" American shows? You're being ridiculous.

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    In reply to borg:

    Hey that is a little unfair about "This should never have gone to BBC America" I am an American who absolutely loved and still loves EVERYTHING about DW. This writer is a self centered idiot, he DOES NOT speak for all Americans. Come to think of it he doesn't speak for anyone but himself. There many people in the US who love DW and I am proud to say that I have been able to introduce the show to MANY people over the years who love it. So don't let one pompous moron ruin your impression of US fans. It's people/critics like him who just because they don't like something they get off on doing their best to get a show canceled and ruins it for the rest of us. As he even said he is an American and does not have any right to call for cancellation, and then he contradicts himself an does!

  • Unfortunately your second attemp to explain why the show should be cancelled is a failure. You only give reasons why you yourself do not care for the show, and to be perfectly honest, most of your reasons for not liking it deal with your own inablility to grasp an understanding of a plot or succesfully interpret characterization. I think perhaps the biggest flaw is the line "The plots, which were never the easiest to understand even in the old days, have become so cluttered with excess that a new viewer, or a person bothered to no end as to how great the show is, would seemingly turn the channel simply to avoid a headache." Unfortunately for you the show set a rating record on BBC America as more and more people begin to watch the show (I understand ratings were down a bit in the UK but overall it seems the show is gaining viewership not losing it.) Also, I have to ask, if the show is so bad, why do you keep watching it?

  • In reply to cubman987:

    So if I don't understand the plot, or connect with the characterizations provided by this show as of recent, then that is a fault of my own?


    BBC America rating records and all that other nonsense doesn't tell me about whether a show is good or not. Even the network doesn't give a damn about that. If people could watch a test pattern, they would. I feel the same way about Fox's House, which used to be a must-see drama back in the day and has now turn into the very soap's the main character watches when he wants to think.

    I see the writing on the wall.

    That's all that's important to me.

    I have gone back on my word in the name of giving the show another go, but this was the episode that made me stick to what I should have done when Series 5 again. Leave.

    For the show's sake, it needs to be canceled and it needs a group of people who care about connecting with the audience.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  • In reply to Erisi:

    This is why fans like you make fandom unattractive. You turn the conversation into a personal insult.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    ...not at all like saying those who don't agree with you (I'm guessing the majority of Whovians)"are blind",right? Your condescension is unbecoming of someone who is trying to persuade others of the correctness of your viewpoint. I only starting watching DW with the new series in 2005. I am now more engaged with the series in it's current regeneration. I find the balance of dark drama and lightheartedness to be stronger now that in the first few seasons of the new series. Does everyone agree with me? No,nor do they need to.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    First of all, considering millions of other people do not seem to have a problem understanding a plot or connecting to the characters, then yes, that appears to be your own fault.

    Second, ratings have everything to do with your argument. Your are not arguing if the show is good or not, you are arguing that the show should be cancelled. A show should only be cancelled if it meets the following criteria 1. It is recieving bad critical reviews 2. It is receiving bad reviews from viewers 3. It has low ratings (this can be enough on it's own for a network to cancel a show). Doctor Who meets none of these standards, it continues to be well reviewed and more importantly to the networks it has high ratings. Your argument that networks don't care about ratings was a joke, right? Because I'm fairly sure that is all they care about....

  • In reply to cubman987:

    Your argument that networks don't care about ratings was a joke, right? Because I'm fairly sure that is all they care about....


    That's not even what I said.

    I said:

    BBC America rating records and all that other nonsense doesn't tell me about whether a show is good or not. Even the network doesn't give a damn about that.

    And this is true.

    They don't care about the quality of a show, they care about ratings. That should terrify people who actually care about the quality of a show, but it doesn't. Mostly, fans are a scary bunch of folks who when the ship is sinking, still insist on sticking around.

    Appreciation Indexes don't mean a damn thing, neither do ratings in the scheme of what's good and what's bad.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    Okay my misunderstanding there, it kind of looks like you are saying the network doesn't care about ratings.

    But still, your argument here is not if the show is good or not. Your argument is that it should be cancelled, and appreciation indexes and ratings DO matter in the scheme of if a show should be cancelled or not.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    Steven Moffat's claim that a main character would die and there were "no tricks", was total BS. You know Matt Smith isn't the last Doctor. The BBC wouldn't let Moffat kill of their franchise, when they're raking in the Pounds (and Dollars).

    I love this self-righteous Brit-Crap about licensing fees being the basis for the validity of opinions on BBC productions. In case those naysayers didn't have their heads too far up their asses to see that it was a BBC Wales / BBC America co-production, they need to go back and look at that.

    You freaking Limies don't have a valid opinion about American TV shows (using your logic) and if you haven't been to America, you don't know f*uck-all about our country.

    Moffat is the king of recycled plots and repeated catchphrases ("Spoilers", "My life in your hand, Amelia Pond.") Yes, it does need a rest and no Moffat was NOT the right choice for showrunner. Its just RTD bombast all over again, but at a boring, plodding pace.

    People are saying "just turn it off", but you can't. Its a train-wreck and you want to look away, but you can't.

    Oh yes, and the argument that people who don't like it are in the minority, so it must be good are full of crap. People think Take That is good; sorry that's just a boy band that won't die, but should.

    Up to The Impossible Astronaut, I had been a Doctor Who fan (even through the later RTD years), but this episode didn't need to be written. Coming to America didn't make it epic. Time of The Angels was more epic in terms of plot.

    Moffat says its a kid's show primarily, well then move it to CBBC, where all the kiddie crap is located.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    Hello Matthew,
    I know it is your job to criticize and I am not going to criticize you for it. The problem with your statement about DOCTOR WHO being cancelled is that you either are just provoking a fight amoung the DOCTOR WHO fans or you simply don't enjoy good television programming. What do we have on American tv right now? Lawyer shows, cop shows and comedy shows that have to have a laugh track because they are NOT funny. Anything different like TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL AND GHOST WHISPERER have been taken off. In other words, no one has a clue here how to do good television programing for children and adults during prime time hours. So what do we do? We copy shows (like BEING HUMAN and TOP GEAR) from the Brits and the Canadians and put Americans in it and claim that it is great American television and it FLOPS. Why? Because the shows were better off being brought over here as British programming. Oh, excuse me that can't be done because Americans don't understand BRITISH ACCENTS anymore. We are too dumb to figure it out. So we who crave great tv programing have to go the BBC AMERICA to watch better produced shows like DOCTOR WHO and TORCHWOOD. Yes, I agree since Matt Smith has taken over DOCTOR WHO seems to be like a child on a sugar rush which I don't like. Nor do I enjoy the cliff hangers and cast members dying which has gotten old really fast and is very upsetting to a fan, but it is still one of the best produced television series in the UK and America. I have been a fan of DOCTOR WHO and British programing since the 60's and Britian is not going to cancel their biggest cash cow. Nor should they. DOCTOR WHO has lasted since the 1960's which only goes to prove that as long as they can find good actors to play the DOCTOR and have good writers the show will continue to last a long time THANK GOD!!

    And to HOOHOO, if you don't like the show --USE YOUR REMOTE so you can watch REAL CRAP called American programming. And obviously you didn't watch SARAH JANE'S ADVENTURES which is on CCBS for kiddies. It was a high quality television program with recyled monsters from DOCTOR WHO and TORCHWOOD and was fantastic as well.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    I think you're just upset BBC America chose to hold ridiculously sold out screenings of the new season in NYC. Based on the fan reaction to the new episodes, fan turnout and reactions they aren't canning this show anytime soon.

    RTD was inconsistent. Moffett isn't perfect but has fantastic continuity. Smith is no Tennant, but it's a NEW Doctor. He's made it his own. NEW.

    Over 1000 people in NYC attended Doctor Who events. If you're gonna cry about Doctor Who then here's a tissue. I bet you think Fringe sucks too huh?

  • In reply to ToughGuyRizzo:

    Cant' really say much about Fringe since I don't watch it.

    1000 people may have people attended the events in NYC to see "The Impossible Astronaut", but I'm not sure they came out feeling all the way positive about it.

    I'm not upset that BBC America had success with the show recently. I'm concerned for the show's quality. It's terrible, unwatchable and it's like looking at paint dry.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    Once again--if you find it so boring and terrible--stop watching.

    I really, really don't understand people who continue to watch a show that they profess to vehemently dislike and then make sure they scream and shout loud enough so everyone else hears JUST how much they hate it.

    Must be a self-masochism thing ...

  • In reply to Erisi:

    You must not be able to read.

    I did say I did some good reviews of the show. What I wrote comes the way I feel now. Doctor Who is done as far as I'm concerned. Notice in the title I said "Should".

    There is no way in hell the BBC should cancel Doctor Who based on what I say. It would be nice if a few people up there thought about it because I think they didn't give the show the proper rest it deserved.

    I am wondering myself why you are so driven to make this thing deeper than it really is. I said what I said. Go harass some other reviewers with your emotions towards YOUR show.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    There are FAR more worse shows on TV. Why don't you post about THE EVENT? Now that's a show worth canceling.

    Your credibility was borderline when criticizing Who, but without even watching one of the best US Sci-fi shows, I'm kicking myself for posting here.

    It's like challenging a sportscaster to a game of basketball, one who works in the industry and calls basketball games, has a "expert" opinion cause he's a top broadcaster, but yet.....has never played sports in his life.

    Good game, idiot.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    BTW, yeah, HUGE turn out in NYC due to a great season 5. We're only TWO EPISODES into season 6 and you post an article like this?

    Why? Why Ken did you post this on facebook? Hey, there's shows that I dont like, but whether or not they're good or bad is up to you people.

    Now if I have a voice, like this dude does (and barely any credibility) it's definitely going to be taken badly, especially when there's no reason for this show to be canceled.

    Was there a post about RTD killing off Tenant with radiation?

    Just sayin'

  • In reply to mmilam:

    Matthew, you're kind of insane. Nothing you've written holds water. Nothing. Please stop.

  • fb_avatar

    Doctor Who is fantastic-I'm IN LOVE with this show, and yeah, the new episodes with smith have been mostly shit but I'm pretty sure theyre going to kill him off soon, I mean he already dropped Rory and Amy so if they just start with a new story line new Doctor and new companions then it may work out. Give it a chance. I <3 <3 the Doctor

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    In reply to Sarah Crawford:

    How have the been shit? There were only really two in the two seasons I felt were "Shit" and those were VICTORY OF THE DALEKS, and THE GIRL WHO WAITED. Both of which were as shit as the episode we can all recall with the FAT BASTARD guy who ate people (The Doctor Was barely even in this episode)

    Did everyone forget about that trash or something?

    Sarah, you come across as a typical fan girl! Matt Smith is Different then your beloved Tennant, but he is absolutely BRILLIANT! Funny and Furious, Silly and Brilliant... he is probably the most amazing Doctor Ever.

  • fb_avatar

    You should really Focus your emo rage on TERRA NOVA. God what a weak ass show!

  • fb_avatar

    wow, I have never seen so many stupid comments defending a show that has gone straight down the toilet. The fact that so many fools love steve Moffats inane and childish (not to mention hopelessly outdated) plots does not mean he is that talented. Except maybe to those with little or no standards. His gross storyline involving River and The Doctor demonstrates his lack of good taste. She looks like his mother and acts like a nagging mother-in-law. She is a sociopath who threatened to let the whole universe die if the Dr didn't marry her and some fools are running around claiming this proved how much she loved him? WTF?! I seriously hope the police are watching those psycho's even as I type this. Those fools are living in some sick psychotic fantasy world. And the stories weren't complicated. Heck they were so overly simple that an eight year old child could follow them, but they were so badly convoluted with him throwing everything in but the proverbial kitchen sink. And what kind of crappy mystery was that? Who was in the astronaut suit? And it turns out to be the vile river? Big DEAL! In fact everything he has written was so stupid that he has put off millions of viewers. Come series 7, by the third or fourth episode, the ratings on this disastrous show will have dropped so far that I predict that the powers-that-be will actually consider canceling the show. Of course the intelligent solution would be to fire the male chauvinist pig so we could be rid of his chauvinistic, grotesque (unrealistic) sleazy, archaic, ultra-predictable (not to mention ultra-boring) storylines. And now this sleaze-bag is going to drag this inane storyline for yet another season? How big of an idiot does he have to be to write such crap? Worse! How big of an idiot does the audience have to be to put up with this childish nonsense?

  • fb_avatar

    oh my goodness! The River fans really are a bunch of imbeciles aren't they? lol over on youtube some morons are babbling about how they are married because they remember it. So if two people get married and then divorced are they still married because they can remember having getting married? Those girls are a bunch of dumbazzes! I've never seen a group of girls who were this embarrassingly stupid......Outside of the Twilight fans that is. These boys and girls are not playing with a full-deck. They think it's okay to stalk a man and threaten him to get him to marry her? I hope the police are keeping a close eye on these freaks!
    The Doctor and River are NOT MARRIED! Period, Full-Stop! The depths to which that incompetent moron Moffat will sink to is beyond the pale. Even worse are the number of loser fans who will allow him to make them look like fools by mindlessly accepting his inane and childish explanations for his blunders.
    Now we come to series 7. The so-called question that "must not be asked".....Why they heck not?! And it would seem that the supposed "big question" is who is the Doctor! Uh, to all the little young morons out there, let me take you on a trip through the history of Doctor Who.
    Once upon a time there was a Time Lord who took tries to graduate from the Time Lord Academy. (and even then it was only by 51%) One day after his entire family was wiped out with the exception of his Granddaughter Susan, this Time Lord decided he didn't want to just sit back and watch countless worlds self-destruct, especially since the Time Lords had both the knowledge and technology to help them. So one night he crept into the room where rickety old Tardis' were brought to be repaired and he stole one, taking only his Granddaughter Susan with him.
    Now since the Time Lords had vast powers and technology that could eventually track him down, this man took the Moniker of 'The Doctor' in order to hide from his own people. Now before he ran away from Gallifrey, this man used his name all the time. There was no reason to hide who he was, while he was living on Gallifrey. This means all who interacted with the Doctor BEFORE he left Gallifrey, KNEW his real name. Time Lords like Lord Borusa. He was one of the Doctor's teachers at the Time Lord Academy. So of course he would know it. And of course the Doctor's fellow classmates from the Academy would know his real name, such as The Rani, The Master, Drax, Runcible. Or how about the Doctor's old mentor, The Abbott (K'anpo Rimpoche) or Azmael. They all knew the Doctor before he ran away, so they would know his real name.
    Of course Susan would know her own Grandfathers real name (and only someone who is an extra-special kind of stupid would dispute this)
    And why should we doubt that when Engin looked up the "intruders" identity in 'The Deadly Assassin' that he didn't discover the Doctors real name. He found out which family or clan he came from. And Romana most likely found out the Doctors real name when she looked up his school records. Since he didn't use the moniker 'The Doctor' when he went to school, his school records would have been under his real name. So for Steven Moffat to make this into this great big mysterious question that must never be asked, shows what an incompetent imbecile (and his fans) really is. This will go down in history to be one of the dumbest plots EVER! And the stupid comment about critics not liking 'The Deadly Assassin' had nothing to do with the actual plot but rather what they felt was an unnecessary amount of violence. THAT IS WHAT THEY didn't like. rme

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    In reply to Pamela Jones:

    Really then why is it throughout the new series the Doctor and The Master both said that while on Gallifrey they and the Time Lords chose their name/titles. And in the old series they called eachother as such. And as said in "The Doctor's Wife" The Doctor himself wanted to explore time and space and planets and just decided to steal a Tardis, although according to the human woman Tardis she said " I wanted to see the universe so I stole a time lord" They also said that they were together for hundreds of years and so Susan didn't come in until centuries after The Doctor left. And wasn't Susan not really his granddaughter it's just what she decided to call her, and her calling him grandfather?

  • In reply to Pamela Jones:

    Once upon a time there was a Gallifreyan who graduated from the Time Lord Academy with 51% at the second attempt. His name was Theta Sigma. One day, after getting a bit bored, Theet decided he was going to steal a Stellar Manipulator, and escaped the planet in a faulty TT Capsule, taking with him his “granddaughter,” a fifteen year old girl, who called herself “Susan Foreman;” although this was probably not her real name, and more likely something she adopted while attending Coal Hill school on Earth. Indeed, “Foreman” appears to be the name of the owner of the junk yard the TT Capsule landed in.

    After spending five months in 1963, Theet decided to bury the Stellar Manipulator in a graveyard, and even found a blind and very stupid Vicar to conduct a service for him. However, the night before this was due to be done, two of Coal Hill's school teachers (Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright), followed "Susan" home, and believing Theet to be a pedophile (as, at the time, Theet looked a bit like Jimmy Savile), forced their way into his TT Capsule. This resulted in Theet activating the controls of his ship and taking himself, his “granddaughter” and the school teachers off into time and space.

    Is everyone with me so far?

    Now we come to the term "Doctor”. Ian Chesterton mistakenly calling Theet this during the show's second ever episode “The Cave of Skulls,” but there is no evidence Theet ever used this title beforehand. Although it's true that in “The Armageddon Factor,” Drax, a former Gallifreyan acquaintance, says to Theet “still, you did well, mind, getting your doctorate and all that,” Theet neither confirms nor denies this, and the idea that Theet is a doctor could merely a wrong assumption picked up by Drax when he heard his former employer (That's of Drax, not Theet), the “Shadow,” refer to Theet as the “Doctor”.

    Equally, although in “The Moonbase,” Theet said "I think I took a degree once in Glasgow. 1888 I think," this is far from certain, and again, may not be true. Theet has been known to tell some huge whoppers sometimes.

    However, above poster Pamela Jones is correct in stating that all who interacted with Theet before he left Gallifrey, knew his real name, and this included Borusa, who was one of Theet's teachers at the Time Lord Academy, and, of course, Theet's fellow classmates, such as The Rani, The Master, Drax and Runcible. Other Time Lord acquaintances like Azmael and K'anpo Rimpoche, may also have known Theet's real name.

    Pamela is also right when she says that the Time Lord Engin, when looking up the "intruders" identity in 'The Deadly Assassin,' would have discovered the Doctors real name, and the same is true for Romana, when she looked up his old school records. And again, as Pamela says, “since he didn't use the moniker 'The Doctor,' when he went to school, his school records would have been under his real name.”

    However, what Pamela Jones has failed to do is to take the Time War into account, as this changes everything.

    The Time War was conducted between the Daleks and the Time Lords, and was caused, in part, when Theet decided, on a whim, to return to 1963 Earth, find the Stellar Manipulator, and use it to blow up the Dalek's home world, Skaro.

    The catastrophic war which then followed ended finally with the Time Lords defeated, and the entire conflict itself being “Time Locked” by Theet, meaning that the events of the war were now isolated from the rest of space/time and could no longer be accessed.
    So, although Theet's name may be known on Gallifrey, that planet no longer exists outside of the Time Lock, as it was blown up (again, by the Doctor) just before the Time War ended (you can, however, still visit the Dalek's home planet in its “present,” because, as established as far back as “The Daleks' Master Plan,”time travelling races can't travel forward into their own futures. Also, it appears that, at some point during the Time War, the Daleks were able to change time and save Skaro from being vaporised by the Stellar Manipulator). Equally, Gallifrey's (and Skaro's) past can't be accessed because, as the war involved both the Daleks and the Time Lords trying to retroactively abort one another, the conflict stretched right back to the beginning of Time Lord/Dalek history.

    As for Drax, Susan, Romana etc, according to Theet (see “Dalek” and “Utopia.”), they're all dead, having been hunted down by the Daleks and exterminated, presumably in such a way that their entire timelines have been erased. (The Master survived only by rewriting his own DNA, but was then later thrown back behind the Time Lock by Theet).

    Anyway, so that answers the question of how Steven Moffat is able to make Theet's name, as Pamela puts it, “into a great big mysterious question that must never be asked.” Basically, there is no one left alive outside the Time Lock who knows his real name, and Theet wants it to remain that way, probably because “Theet” sounds too much like “feet,” and who would want to be call that?

  • In reply to vindice:

    Just one other thought, in "The Happiness Patrol" the Doctor says, "Thank you, Trevor Sigma. Actually, my nickname at college was Theta Sigma." But it wasn't. His nickname was Theet. Perhaps the entire reason why the Time War started in the first place was because the Doctor hated the name.

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    Time traveler gets killed and shows up as his younger self, revealing to his companions the circumstances of his death, giving them the internal dilemma of how to deal with this knowledge... No, actually, typing that out was easy, as was watching it. I don't know why you were down on that episode, it had tones of mystery, humor, drama, horror and clever sci fi concepts. I also don't know why you would encourage its cancellation, a show can be rejuvenated in other ways, and, if I could quote a random internet source, even a mediocre Doctor Who episode is still better than most of what's on TV. Personally, I'm a little less than half way through the sixth series and I'm still very interested, maybe the crushing disappointment is still to come but the last thing I think I'll be complaining about is a lack of suspense or brevity, those are what keep me coming back.

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