Where Is The Bang In "The Big Bang Theory"?

CBS' The Big Bang Theory is one of the more successful sitcoms in the network's recent history. Watching the first few episodes of the first season, I'm not completely sold on why the show is so funny. If the center of the comedy lies in the fact that nerds as socially inept individuals, then it succeeds there.

Is that funny? So far, I'm not sold.

Those of you out there who like this show, can you tell me the good season (or episodes) of this show?

Leave your suggestions in the comments box.

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  • There is no law that a sitcom needs to appeal to EVERYONE in the population. Perhaps Big Bang is not for you. I find it incredibly funny - I believe due to the many years that I have worked in technology firms and software development. I have known so many people like these characters and appreciate the humor and irony. (yes I have a T-shirt with a binary joke on it.) If I had started watching Big Bang, RIGHT NOW, I would be struck by the focus on sex related jokes which were not as common earlier on. Good Times or 2 1/2 men. Comedy is often making fun of the foibles of humans. This time it is nerds. My favorite episodes? Hmmm.

    The one when Sheldon explains why rock, paper, scissors is inadequate and adds lizard, spock to the game.

    The Christmas episode from the 2nd season when Penny gives Sheldon a napkin.

    The game show episode when the janitor from Soviet Russia gets the right answer.

    I'll try to think of some more.

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