The CW/UPN Series Girlfriends Deserves Another Season (Or A Movie)

Girlfriends The First Season-01.jpg
If you are fans of the UPN/CW series Girlfriends, then you'll be happy to know that Stacy Mattocks has created a Facebook page for the series which will serve as a petition to bring the show back for another season (or another film). Apparently the cast of the show are all for having another go at the show, and Mara Brock Akil's spin-off of the show, The Game, has already been brought back from cancellation hell after BET paid attention to all the discussion on Twitter about the series. 
Mattocks is also the moderator of the Facebook page for The Game.
To keep up with the progress of the movement to bring the show back, you can follow the Twitter account which is connected to the mission to bring the show back. If you wish to sign the petition, go to the Facebook page and leave your comment demanding the show's return.
Who knows? Perhaps by some miracle an exec will pay attention and bring the show back.

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