Some Doctor Who Fans Need A Better Defense For Their Show


Appreciation Indexes.
The word "millions".
I strangely used one, or all three of these types of answers in a blog post on someone else's site who got pissed off with all of the attention that last Harry Potter film received. That blog post however was about the money people put towards fantasy films, it was not about the Harry Potter films themselves. Stupid as the three answers are as to why a film franchise or television franchise doesn't suck, they are seemingly the most common defenses against any criticism.
Some Doctor Who fans are no different.
Some people would believe that after reading my article that I am simply someone who has moved on from the show. This is true. I have moved on.
The show still needs to be canceled in my opinion; there is no soul and no heart to it anymore. Everything is done for the cliffhanger without anything being presented for me to even care about the cliffhanger in the first place. Repeating myself once again I turn to a bigger problem I have with the show: the fans.
Not all of them honestly.
The fans that bother me of this franchise exist in every franchise I suspect. These are the ones who use numbers as their defense against any nay-sayers. These are the fans that concern me.
Networks do not care about the quality of a show. If they could put a test pattern on for one hour, they'd probably hope someone would watch it. If someone did, they would probably create a test pattern channel just for those folks.
I realize that the BBC America ratings for the show were awesome during the broadcast of "The Impossible Astronaut". I realize that the Appreciation Index was eighty-eight for that episode. So what? Doctor Who is dead as far as I'm concerned. 
You cannot convince a critic, or an individual with a life beyond a singular television show (or film franchise), that numbers are the ultimate win against their arguments against a show that is well-loved.
If something sucks to them, even if they have watched it for years and years, they should be allowed to say so without having their inbox invaded by numbers and the word "millions".
Awards don't mean anything either, yet fans constantly use that.
If Doctor Who fans who see the show as the end all and be all of their existence choose to stick to these words as a defense, they need to go back to the drawing broad. 
Convince the nay-sayers with more than mere short-answers and numbers and maybe all of us "haters" will go away.
Not that I was ever really a "hater" in the first place.
Onward to better things.


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  • Firstly it's fine that you don't like Doctor Who anymore, that's your opinion and no one has any right to say you can't have that opinion. I apologise for indirectly (and directly) saying you were an idiot for holding it.

    But I think the phrasing of your article was sometimes misleading. You use phrases like 'Until that time comes, you are witnessing the beginning of the end' and 'hanging-on-by-a-thread'. Your argument is that you can't connect with the show anymore, but you've made it sound as though the show is heading for destruction (Which it clearly isn't because of high viewing figures - which people are apt to say.)

    I'd also like to add that the BBC which make Doctor Who is not technically made by an American TV network in the same sense you have them in the US, its public funded (although it does recieve ad revenue from BBC Worldwide) so its perhaps not the ratings whore its sometimes depicted. Anyone who has watched Doctor Who Confidential will know that Steven Moffat does have ultimate creative control over the show and there is a creative team committed to realising that (within budget restraints) This isn't about evil TV execs cackling to themselves about the poor quality of television they can produce and still earn ratings.

    With all due respect part of what you describe is the hazard of being an internet critic. I don't think you should have to recieve hating emails or recurring messages (and I say that as someone who did twice call you an idiot, which I regret). But you can't write an article about a show with a large dedicated fanbase in which you propose it should be cancelled and not expect reaction.

    Also you're not guilt-less in this yourself, you ended your article with the snipe against fans 'If the fans who are blind can't see that, then this will be 1989 all over again real fast.' Which is pretty much equivalent to saying 'My opinion is RIGHT if you don't believe me you're deluded'. So you can't really say this is just because of crazy fans who won't accept that anyone can hold an opinion different to theirs. (Which I realise some might see me as one)

  • So Matt will you watchbthe rest of the season or are you OUT? As I said before I'm really enjoying the show and thought these last two shows were great. I really like River Song, the Ponds and the Doctor.

  • In reply to jwj170104:

    I'm out.

  • In reply to mmilam:

    good riddance.

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