Love And Other Drugs: Good Performances, But What Did I Just Watch?

Redbox is a wonderful thing for those seeking the latest releases.
It's not so great when you are a film critic.
Since most films these days don't turn me on, I rarely rent anything.
Anne Hathaway.
Jake Gyllenhall.
Story involving sex and Viagra.
A Win.
Or so I thought.
The beginning, with that Spin Doctors song that always seems to be a staple of the average rock station, was funny and introduced me to detached playboy Jamie Randall (Gyllenhall). He's a sales man who is good at his job, but he is constantly distracted by his carnal desire. After he loses a job due to his libido, he finds himself a job as a drug rep for Pfizer. Along the way he acquires the beautiful nympho Maggie Murdock (Hathaway).
There's resistance. They both just want sex, but they both end up in a relationship anyway. The usual back and forth happens. Maggie, who has Parkinson's, doesn't think Jamie is ready to handle a relationship. Jamie, who is on the fast track to success, doesn't wanna admit the reality that he's falling in love and that who he loves may very well be in a worse state later on in their relationship thanks to her disease.
The writers of this film could have stayed with that plot. 
Jamie Randall's job alone as a drug rep could have made for a whole movie. In fact, I thought there was going to be a good tie-in to that from the looks of the trailer. Instead, that plot gets distracted by the romance with Hathaway's character. 
I would have dumped the romance altogether as the center of attention, or at least give it more of a balance. 
Josh Gad plays Jamie's not-so-cool brother Josh, who provided some of the best laughs in the film. I found it kinda strange that he would crash at Gyllenhall's place given his character has tons of money. He could actually had his own film. It would have been Superbad for rich nerdy kids.
Gyllenhall probably was glad that Source Code gave him the comeback that he needed. He has great chemistry with Hathaway, but the story the two of them needed a better story that fully utilized them. What I was shown left me a little confused as to where the writers of the film were going.
Was it about a tragic love, selling drugs, or about sex?
I'd love to hear from people who saw the film about what they thought of it. I'm not sure I understood what I saw actually.
Lastly, this film was not one hour and twelve minutes. This film felt more like two hours.
Was the editor asleep?


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