United Airlines: Stop Messing With David Choi's Luggage

Singer/Songerwriter David Choi is something of an interest to me musically. His songs have a funny melancholy to them that doesn't feel completely annoying or overtly dramatic as someone of his caliber would often sound like. I mostly came into knowing about him through from the so-infectously-deep-pot-shot-at-pop-music known as "Dance To This Song", which he made for a YouTube web series known as FunEmployed, starring YouTuber's KevJumba and Phillip Wang of Wong Fu Productions.
Recently landing in Seattle, WA for a leg of a recently launched tour, David Choi discovered that United Airlines put his luggage on another plane after he arrived on the plane they were supposed to be on. David sent a message to United Airlines on Twitter promptly after discovering the problem:
I checked over at the United Airlines Twitter page, they apparently haven't replied back to him yet. If United Airlines had any sense, they would try to use their online presence to help out their customers when things go wrong. Given that most airlines hardly care about customer service, it's not a surprise there is no response from their end as of yet.
The message is simple, United.
Be careful with whose luggage that you lose, they may just write a song about you.


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  • So, to become a premier executive you need 50,000 elite qualifying miles or 60 elite status segments... and I'm sure he accrued more miles after becoming a premier executive. Whats the song going to be called? United "loses" (sounds delayed to me) my bag twice, or around 4% - 8%. Somehow I don't think that'll make a good song. But hey, I'm no song writer.

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