Jennifer Hudson: J Records Is Screwing You Over

Alright Jen.
This is album number two. 
My review of your first album, which I did on Blogcritics, perhaps wasn't fair. I do think you were trying to find your sound with the first time around. This new album however isn't a question about what your style should be. My criticism of this album comes from the fact that as I listened, I realized that the problem isn't you.
J Records, for one reason or another, is seemingly on a mission to destroy you. 
This album does not feature the soulful sounds of the Dreamgirls Oscar Winner. This is an album created to make you sound like as if you are on auto-pilot. I can hear the disinterest in each cut, even in some of the ones were you seem to take it back to church.
Leave J Records. 
Write more of your songs.
If the first album showcased the fact they didn't know what your sound was supposed to be, this second album showcases the fact that they don't give a good god damn about you. You have a soulful voice and it's being destroyed by lazy production and writing. Get out of your contract while you can.
Take control.
I believe you have the power to make decisions and I believe you love music. These last two albums, although the first is the best of the two, showcase that this label doesn't know what to do with you. I know what you know this album wasn't good.
Make a move and leave before J Records destroys you.

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