Don't Want More Rebecca Black's? Promote Good Music!

This is Rebecca Black. 
Thirteen years of age. Straight out of Anaheim Hills, California. 
If "Friday", the song that has become the latest unnecessary viral sensation on the Internet, had simply been ignored, pop culture critics would have nothing to say about it. Since everyone has apparently decided this was the most deplorable thing ever to hit the web, the song has reached the Top 100 chart on ITunes and it's music video on YouTube has reached nearly ten million views. 
If you want to stop the likes of Rebecca Black and her type of sound making anyway headway, you have to do the opposite of what her team expect you to do. Ark Music Factory, which Black is currently signed to, knew the "Friday" song would make people so mad they'd have to write about it. In writing about it, Rebecca Black is now in the spotlight and someone who is more deserving of that attention will be overlooked.
Rather than continuously complain how the music industry is in a downward spiral, let's focus on artists who have talent. Let's put that energy we put into bringing attention to Lil'Kim and Nicki Minaj's beef and put it to artists who are fighting for a release date instead of a news headline. 
Lost as to who should be getting the spotlight? I'll give you a couple of suggestions:

This is Key Huggins. 
Straight out of Brooklyn, NY, she harkens back to the days when Jazz was not considered a genre of the old fogey demographic. She had a solo album released through a Japanese record label awhile back and has been trying since then to get an American album released through the Kickstarter website. Don't think Jazz is a worthy investment? Take a listen to some of her music which she performed recently at The Blue Note Cafe in New York City.

If you like what you hear, show her some support by donating to her album fund on Kickstarter

Another artist in need of some forward movement in her music career is a Philly siren named Nikki Jean.


Best known for singing the chorus for Lupe Fiasco's "Hip-Hop Saved My Life" and video blogging on YouTube, Nikki Jean has been struggling to get her debut album Pennies In A Jar released. Originally she was signed to Columbia Records, but they chickened out and continuously held back the release of the album even thou legends from Burt Bacharach and Carly Simon contributed songs to the record. According to one of her latest videos, she's in the process of singing with another label and hoping the album gets released later this year.


Some of you who are observing this post are probably under the mindset that when an album gets pushed back, it means that the album sucks. I could understand that if this was an artist who had been in the game and the label just didn't care anymore. Nikki however is on album number one and Columbia just gave up! 
If folks who write about music can give Nicki Minaj all the write-ups, why not Nikki Jean?
"She has no buzz!" 
Well then, give her the buzz you handed Drake. 
Give Key Huggins the buzz you hand Gucci Mane and make her debut album come true. 
Give the young people who spend money on ITunes some other options to oogle over. 
Do it for music's sake and stop investing your time in the trash bin of the music industry.


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  • Damn fine article, damn fine. I agree completely. We must, as country, unite and stop these no-talent over-hyped little SOBs.

  • I'm still blaming everyone...the artists, labels, parents...even me, because at one point I too was complicit in this madness.

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