Can This Woman Bring The Funny Back To BET's The Game?

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I am not a fan of BET's The Game. I wasn't a fan of it when the show originally aired on The CW and still don't see why the show was worth saving. That being said, I have paid a particular amount of attention to some of the negative feedback the show has been getting from losing the comedy in favor a darker more dramatic style of storytelling. 

This is Candy Sims who runs Sweet Addictions TV on YouTube. Candy's musings on various bizarre events in her life and in the lives of others seem a perfect fit to counter balance the heavy-handed drama that the show is currently dishing out. Ms. Sims also seems to think so as she has now asked her followers to send messages to BET's Twitter account for the show to let her become a cast member of the series.

I personally don't think The Game needs another cast member. The reason the funny is gone from the show lies in Mara Akil and the writers who are creating the stories. Akil and her writing team unfortunately were responsible the rather awful and depressing later seasons of Girlfriends (especially when Toni went crazy). 
If there's anything that needs to be done, it's that Mara Akil needs her Game fanbase to write to her supporting a return back to when the show was a comedy. Adding another cast member has the potential to have the Cousin Oliver effect on the show, which would also lead it to a second cancelation.
If you feel however that Ms. Sims (who mentions her wish to become a cast member at the end of this video) has what it takes to become an addition to the show, please tweet @BETTheGame
Why am I doing this? Why not?
Everyone deserves a chance to win some of the time.

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