A Short Review Of The Switch

A neurotic (Jason Bateman) whose best friend (Jennifer Aniston) is trying to get pregnant via a sperm donation accidentally spills the selected suitor's sperm at a party at her house. To make things right in the creepiest way possible, he puts his own sperm into the cup which Aniston will use to get pregnant. Seven years later, Aniston is now a single mom looking after his child with whom she thinks is the child of the sperm donor she chose. Does Bateman's character tell the truth? or Does Bateman's character play dumb forever?
A bit of both happens. 
If it wasn't for the powerful vulnerability of Jason Bateman, I would have been turned off by this film. Take the sperm switcheroo out and make it about a best friend's fiancee and you'd end up with The Dilemma as they are somewhat the same movie. Bateman, unlike Vince Vaughn, has the ability to make a complete a**hole of a character more of a human being than this kind of film would allow.
The only criticism, which perhaps is minor, is the fact that Bateman's character literally for half of the film acts like like his brain is dead. His son, created from his sperm, is an exact copy of himself as a youth. Even when he finally gets the ultimate clue at the midpoint of the film that this is his child, the film keeps the denial going right to the end.
Actually, it's not Bateman's character I would be mad at. It's Aniston's. 
She's been friend's with Bateman's character for years and can't put two and eight together to see that her son is from Bateman's sperm? I'm sure Jennifer was annoyed at that aspect of the script, but you have to include a little implausibility to fit the film's runtime. 
Here's to hoping more roles come Jason Bateman's way. 

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