To Columbia Records: What Are You Doing With Nikki Jean?

This is Nikki Jean.



Cool ass video blogger.

During Christmas 2008, after having just done a tour with Kanye West, Columbia Records signed her. If you have followed her on YouTube from the beginning, or came in somewhere in the middle like I did, you'll know that for a long long time people have been waiting for her debut album entitled Pennies In A Jar to be released.

Her fans, from Twitter to Facebook to YouTube itself, have looked out for hints of a release date. Her official website at Columbia Records doesn't give much information as to when Pennies In A Jar will be released. Then, the video below was released:

All of things Nikki states in the video about not allowing a corporation to control your life and your emotional state are true. I however can't help but feel like this story, Nikki Jean's story, has reached a rather irritating cliffhanger. This leads me to the ultimate question:

What is Columbia Records doing with Nikki Jean?

Burt Bacharach.

Carly Simon.

Legendary artists in their own right have put pen to paper for her.

Why create a lavish website and then not update it with hints as to when the album has been released?

Why spend money and time on someone that you don't fully believe in and then leave that individual in a torture chamber of self-doubt?

You are a business and a business has to be concern about which artist makes the most money.

With Nikki Jean, you haven't even tried to put out anything in the way of a radio single to even see if there is interest.

What are you doing?

If you are undecided as to what single to put out first, I'll give you a hand:

"What's A Girl Suppose To Do?"

Bubbly, with a bit of electronica and soul mixed with a little rap combined with some orchestra hooks. You could easily distribute this song to radio stations all across America as a pop song. Unless you guys are extremely chicken to try something new in the name of making money, I'd say you'd have nothing to lose by putting this song out as the first single.

Maybe there is something I don't know.

Since Columbia Records holds all the cards, I'd like one of their representatives to come along with an answer via my email address ( and explain why there is a hold up.

I'll be waiting.

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