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Beyonce and Blackface: What's The Big Deal?

This picture has set off a firestorm commentary across the Internet. Essentially Beyonce Knowles did a photo shoot for the french magazine L’Officiel Paris’ as a tribute to Fela Kuti, a Nigerian human rights activist and musician.  I’d like to be outraged by this sorta thing, but seeing a person in blackface hardly offends me.... Read more »

Being A Film Critic: What's The Point?

For the last few months, I’d say even a year, I have been slowly losing interest in being a film critic, or a critic of anything for that matter. Considering that I feel this way, I’d like to know from folks out there what the point of this all is? Yes it’s true only you... Read more »

Black Entertainment and The Resistence To Criticize Our Own Content

Denyce Lawton of Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne lamented on her Facebook account that black people should be more supportive and less critical of their own people. This came apparently because someone on the Global14 site expressed a fatigue over the fact that certain black male actors constantly portray characters in drag. Since reality never... Read more »

Attention Justin Bieber Fans: Sit Down And Shut Up!

Truthfully, I never watched the Grammy’s. Most of the people who win these kinds of awards can’t carry a tune never mind them actually trying alone a whole album. Having swiftly purchased on ITunes her most recently album (Chamber Music Society), I can see why she deserved the win. She plays instruments, she sings in... Read more »

For Colored Girls: An Unreviewable Movie

The video above will explain my rational for the title of this post.

To Columbia Records: What Are You Doing With Nikki Jean?

This is Nikki Jean. Singer. Songwriter. Cool ass video blogger. During Christmas 2008, after having just done a tour with Kanye West, Columbia Records signed her. If you have followed her on YouTube from the beginning, or came in somewhere in the middle like I did, you’ll know that for a long long time people... Read more »