The Best Of Keyshia Cole

Been awhile since I've posted on ChicagoNow. To get back into the swing of things, I've decided to do something simple which just about every blogger ends up doing when they are short of ideas; a best of list. Being as random as this is, I pick Keyshia Cole to do this for.
Doing this I will say that I am not a fan of Keyshia's, I try not to be a fan of anyone as that somehow always sours my affection for their music. I do recognize her talent and when talent exists, I give props.
Here is a list of the best of the Oakland born singer:

This Is Us -- From 2008's A Different Me.
This is the best of her catalog so far. It's upbeat, positive, and it has a non-R&B flavor that would have allowed her to crossover in other genres (and generate more music sales). It's also, and I could be wrong, is a little bit on the country music side. .

I Remember -- Just Like You 

Cole tends to get stuck in the same rut as Mary J. Blige. When she's positive, she doesn't sell. When she's negative, she sells. This song is typical of her earlier catalog, but the production flowers up the you-did-me-wrong lyrics in a way that I don't mind her making men grit their teeth.

Make Me Over -- A Different Me

This is the kind of song that could have easily been put into the Dreamgirls soundtrack (or even the soundtrack to Chicago). It's a sassy dance number that works and perhaps could have even been a good music video to make.
This list is short. However, I believe in her next album that she'll branch out from the land of sad sorrows which currently dominates R&B. Unless she decides to relapse like Mary does these days.

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