Who Is Four By Four?

When it comes to music I tend to get stuck in the past. That being said, the Internet has allowed me to not only stay in touch with the present in music history, but also discover gems of the past that had not been previously exposed to me. Thanks to the awesome Beatminerz Radio station that is available through Ustream, I discovered this gem of a song by a rather little known R&B group called Four By Four.


The song came out in 1987 and was produced by Melvin Riley, Jr. who was part of another R&B group known as Ready For The World. Little is known about the group and besides this one song, the only mention I get for this group from Google for their songs (most of which are one YouTube) and nothing of their actual history. A few commentors underneath this video did provide some interesting nuggets: 
From JovonTLC: 

humm why did they named themselves 4 By Four? I heard from a reliable source that at the time they wanted to use the name Fourth Floor since they were all living on the Fourth Fl (in different buildings) but they found that the name was already taken. So since there were 4 of them and all living on the fourth floor with 4 part harmony they decided on the name 4 By Four. They were extremely talented. Too bad they didnt stay around..REAL TALK 

From KirkKHugg: 

like many artist if your music don't sell to the the record label standards they will drop you. / That was not the case with this group I know because I was with them. It was getting rid of their manager who spent up the guys money.. in the event the group broke up do to the choice of who should manage them. It was not because of sales. These guys was everywhere I toured with them in ATL for a week around 1988 with Heavy D and Riheim the Dream. 

I know YouTube isn't the place to find solid information on stuff all the time, but I figure posting these comments and this video will spark someone out there to explain what happened to this group and why their album is no longer available on Amazon for sale (hell, it's not even listed).

If anyone out there knows this group personally or was even in the group, please send an email to mmilam@matthewmilam.com.

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