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The Breakfast Club: Still Relevant, Still Realisitc

As a child of the 1980s, I should have known all of the films of John Hughes. Sadly my library of VHS tapes at the time didn’t have any of his films. That didn’t change much in the 1990s as I became a teenager or even in the 2000’s with me now as an adult... Read more »

My Favorite Michael Jackson Album? Bad

In 1987, Michael Jackson would released his third solo album entitled Bad with the intention of making an album that was more aggressive than Thriller. The album did well, but not enough to beat the mega-monster that was the former. Despite everyone filing Thriller in the category of the best-selling album of all time, it... Read more »

Who Is Four By Four?

When it comes to music I tend to get stuck in the past. That being said, the Internet has allowed me to not only stay in touch with the present in music history, but also discover gems of the past that had not been previously exposed to me. Thanks to the awesome Beatminerz Radio station... Read more »

Jaden Smith = Arrogant Cocky Spoiled Child Actor? Hell No!

The kid on the left is Will Smith’s 11-year-old son Jaden. Jaden, who recently hit it big with his starring role in The Karate Kid remake, could well be on his way to being a star. A good portion of the Internet universe however has already decided to demonize Jaden Smith. The non-issue (which it... Read more »