You Don't Have The Right To Remain Slient Unless You Say So?

A Supreme Court decision just came down yesterday that basically gives law enforcement the right to ream your soul even more. Basically, you need to speak up and say you wish to remain silent:

From The Detroit Free Press:

In a 5-4 decision, the court ruled that if a suspect has been read and
understands his or her Miranda rights, police can interrogate him or her
indefinitely, unless the suspect tells them outright that he or she is
not talking to them.

This is rather moronic to me.

If a suspect knows his or her right to remain silent, why exactly does the person being questioned have to state the intent not to say anything?

I believe the police, in any country, serve a good purpose in their means to protect the citizens. This however suggests to me that law enforcement agencies refuse to hone in their detection skills to nail criminals. I suppose the brilliance in this whole matter is that the cops want to spend a whole chunk of their time sitting in a room with one lamp and make a suspect so delirious that he or she will just say anything to get some peace of mind.

That's not getting justice for victims through proper investigation and eye witness accounting, it's justice fast-food style. You grill and grill and grill someone until they say something to land a charge against them. No evidence is even required to make any of the accusations stick.

This is stupid.

This is wrong.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be ashamed.

The Musgrave Ritual is a Sherlock Holmes story that involves solving a 17th century riddle which deals heavily in mathematics and keen observation. Some people die in the story, but the main point of interest to me is the way in which Holmes solves the mystery. This clip I use is from the television series featuring Jeremy Brett as Sherlock, whose moments of silence and thought are very alluring.

Perhaps if the cops did this in the way they go about solving crimes this change in the Miranda law wouldn't have been needed.

I'm just saying.

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