Songs I Have On Repeat

I know there's thousands and thousands of lists that dictate what songs are the best of the best. How many of those great songs can be repeated over and over again? Very few I imagine. This is my list of songs that I have on repeat when I have them in my MP3 player.


Soul Coughing -- 1998 -- Circles

Apparently Tchad Blake, who produced the song for the album El Oso, thought the song was terrible and it very nearly didn't make the cut. It's actually, next to "Super Bon-Bon", the only other hit that the group is often known for. Descirbing it's repeat-worthy status is a bit tricky.

This song lyrically doesn't make sense on the whole. The chorus is about the most you'll be able to figure out. It is the chrous however that makes this song great.

I don't need to,
walk around in circles,
walk around in circles,
walk around in circles,
walk around them.

Nobody wants to walk around in a circle in life. Most of us, rich or poor, do the same things everyday. Just like eating the same foods all the time, we all want a change. We want something that's new and exciting.

Even cartoons get tired of the same old setting.

Steve Winwood -- 1986 -- Higher Love

Those drums at the start. The chorus, and these lyrics here:

I could light the night up with my soul on fire,
I could make the sun shine from pure desire.
Let me feel that love come over me,
Let me feel how strong it could be.

Maybe I should use this on my dating profile.

Dionne Farris -- Hopeless

Alot of R&B songs deal in lost love and heartbreak. For this reason, I don't really like songs from Anita Baker and singers who deal in the darkside of love too much. This song, performed by Dionne Farris of Arrested Development, is a bit different.

It's got a funky baseline and a surprisingly happy background melody. The lyrics, as sad as they are, don't feel quite so sad. It's too bad she never took off after this song.

Michael Jackson -- 1983 -- Human Nature

"Billie Jean", "Beat It" and "Thriller" may be the songs most associated with MJ's best selling album of all time, but Thriller's real hit for me was "Human Nature". It wasn't written by Michael (a member of the group Toto wrote the lyrics), but it feels like a song Michael could have written. Like Circles, except for the chorus, the lyrics are a bit on the cryptic side.

It was sort of a last minute addition to Thriller as well and went up against "Carousel", a song that sounds very similar to Human Nature. Unlike that song, this one was the more playful of the two. It never got an actual music video like the other hits of Thriller. I believe it should have.

For those of you that have Moonwalker somewhere collecting dust, you may remember that there was a small snippet of a video for the song (mostly with just animation). I think Michael could have done a hell of a video for the song if he wanted to. It would be interesting to figure out why got around to doing it.

Koji Kondo -- 1985 -- Super Mario Brothers

Everyone at one time or another has played this game. Even if you hated this game and it's subsequent sequels, you know the main theme of the song by heart. I personally would play this song more often if I didn't feel the need to play the video games right afterwards.

To those of you who listen to music, movie soundtracks or scores, what songs do you have on repeat? Let me know in the comments. You may just make my repeat playlist a bit longer.

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