Film Critics Are Not Haters

This is Roger Ebert.
Roger is a film critic.
Lately these days he's being seen as more of a hater than someone who reviews movies. 
He didn't really like Kick-Ass all that much and he recently blasted the latest Sex And The City sequel.
He's entitled to his opinion
Or is he?
Film critics (and critics in general) often get lumped into the same category as people who are failures at life. We can't make the films, therefore we fire back by tearing down something we never could create in the first place. With the number of bad films that have been coming into the theaters, I can't say that we are all that wrong with our opinions.
I admit in some ways it feels as if we are never impressed with anything. 
A friend of mine who lives in Atlanta, GA once asked me over the phone if I had any favorite films. I honestly couldn't say to this friend what my favorite film was. It wasn't because I didn't have a favorite, I do. I just prefer to not have a list because favorites change with my mood.
I might be in the mood for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
I might be in the mood for the first Superman film.
Tastes change, people change.
If people see a film and basically go about disliking the film, they should be considered haters as well. Becoming a film critic isn't a matter of having a degree or having knowledge of film history. Being a film critic is simply about having an opinion about a film -- that's it.
If myself and Roger Ebert are talentless miserable people because we didn't like a film that everyone else did, that would mean that the people who think that way about our kind are critics themselves. 
Let's make this simple and use something people do everyday to silence this argument. 
You meet someone for a date.
The person you are out on the date with gives you the silent observational treatment. He or she decides you aren't attractive enough, smart enough or rich enough for him or her. Rather than him or her tell you the truth and remove all dignity from the situation,  the person you are on the date with decides to tell you a lie.
We all hate liars in this society and we all hate being lead on into thinking we did fine on a date when the opposite is true. Film critics, for better or worse, have to be true to themselves more than anything else. If something is bad, we say it is. If something is good, we sing it praise.
We don't hate your film because we have hate in our blood, in fact hate is a strong word. We simply dislike your film. Sometimes the film we dislike is so great that it appears to be a hateful attack. Sometimes we like a film so much that we appear to others as out of our minds and brain dead.
You don't have to listen to us, but you should for an idea of what you are in for.
Sometimes we get it wrong, sometimes we don't.
We are not haters.
Stop giving us that definition.

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