Chicago Public Schools: HBO's "The Wire" Is Predicting Your Future

I don't put The Wire in the highest of esteem that others put it. It was well-written, well-acted and thoughtful. It was also very depressing in it's portrayal of Baltimore and it's grand indifference to gang violence, drugs, and it's crumbling school system. Since the show has gone off the air awhile back, the problem has gotten much worse in other parts of the country.

Hearing news that the Chicago Public School system is facing more budget cuts again makes me wonder whether we actually care about the children. We, not just in Illinois, complain about America's children growing increasingly violent and full of despair and uncertainty about their own futures without any solutions to help them. Pointing out the flaws of what's wrong with something is fine and dandy, but fixing a problem is so much better.

Maybe however, just maybe, we don't care about our children anymore in this country.

I myself do not have an answer to fix the budget crisis that is affecting the school students of  my city. I do know that the image of a kid slashing another kid in a classroom is going to be  a future our children look forward to if the schools they attend aren't safe, or properly run.  The children of Chicago, the children of America, deserve better than what we are giving them.

Why are we giving them such a miserable future in our schools?


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  • The school featured in The Wire is not our future. It is our present. Go to most schools on the south or the west sides and you will find eerie similarities. All of us on the northside really don't have much to compare it to. We think our schools are bad, and they often arent' good enough, but they are nothing compared to the rest of the city.

  • Hey, I'm a CPS teacher and I finished the Wire seasons 1-5 this past winter because I heard so many people (correctly) tell me that it was a very accurate portrayal of life in CPS. Seeing good people struggle against a corrupt system--it did remind me a lot. Of course Clay Davis, I mean Michael Scott's suicide earlier this year was pretty reminiscent of parts of the show as well.

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