Chicago Actors You Should Know: Chris Vaughn

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This is Chris Vaughn.

He's an actor and a photographer.

I've come to know of Chris Vaughn mostly because of the fact he and I both use the hell out of Twitter.

I decided to interview Mr. Vaughn not really because of the fact we both reply to each otheir's tweets. I wanted simply to be more Chicago-centric with my writing here at ChicagoNow.

It's a bit more of a task to do so considering that Chicago isn't really the Entertainment industry mecca that California and New York are known to be.

To separate myself from others who do film blogging, I think it's only right to promote Entertainment figures big and small from the Windy City.

With this, I start with Mr. Vaughn.

How long have you been acting?

I have been acting professionally
since 2009, so I'm still relatively new to the profession.

Were you born and raised in Chicago? If not, where are you from?

Yes, I'm a native Chicagoan, born & raised on the westside.

Can you name some of the things you've acted in?

My performing career began with the Lyric Opera of Chicago's 2009 production of "Tristan & Isolde." I was a Knight, one of the King's Guards.


Credit: Chris Vaughn

I have since been cast in two productions of the opera "Tosca" at the Lyric.

I have done work in commercials and a few low budget movies. I am also a recurring cast member in the upcoming "The Green Hornet" online series. My work with "The Green Hornet" is a real joy, but I think I've had the most fun with my work at the Lyric.

Why would someone want to hire you as an actor?

Hmm, an interesting question. I guess the best answer I can give is that I'm immensely talented. But seriously, I put my all into whatever part I'm cast in. In the end I think every Director wants a performer that will put their best effort into the project.

What do you consider the best thing you've ever acted in?

I think I'd say my part as a soldier & member of the firing squad in "Tosca" at the Lyric Opera has been my best work.

Common, the rapper/actor, started out in Chicago and then left to take his career further. It's been said that Chicago doesn't support it's artists. Although this could mean more for his particular industry (music), do you think this city does that when it comes to Chicago-born actors?

Hmm, I think that it depends on your respective medium. If you work primarily in the theater, then Chicago is a very good city with a lot of outlets for you to pursue your craft.

I think if you are more a film actor, then Chicago probably present more of a challenge. Chicago is not an "Industry Town" like Hollywood, but it's not the boondocks, either. Many Movie & T.V. productions do come to Chicago to film. And you have to also acknowledge the many online/web-based series that currently film in the Windy City. But I guess if you want to make it big on the Silver Screen you gotta go Hollywood.

If someone needed your skills as an actor, would your Twitter account
(@vaughnchicago) be the best way to contact you?

I think that Twitter is probably not a bad way to reach me for acting work, but most often you as a actor have seek out the work, or your Agent gets your name out there to Casting Directors.

I'm not at the stage in my career where people are saying "Let's tweet Chris Vaughn and see if we can get him for this part." I wonder if that's how Terrence Howard gets his gigs? I bet he's not getting them off Twitter.

You can follow Chris Vaughn on Twitter and on Facebook.

To see Chris Vaughn's photography, you can check out his website. He also runs a blog on Vox.

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