Everybody Is Not Going To Cut Loose To A Footloose Remake

Back in my day, I used to buy the hell out of the Footloose soundtrack. Every song was corny as Kansas, but it was a happier time for me. I don't feel that way anymore when I listen to the music and I hardly feel excited when I see the film on television. That being said, I hardly think remaking Footloose makes any logical sense.


Kevin Bacon made the film with his screen presence.

Kenny Loggins, Deniece Williams, Sammy Hagar and a slew of other folks were just in the right place at the right time with the right people making the music.

Remaking the film hoping that same stroke of lighting will strike twice is a mistake. It's not gonna work with The Karate Kid remake, and it certainly isn't going to work if a Footloose remake ever gets off the ground. Two people cast in the lead role of Ren have already dropped out of the production and the supposed direction of the remake is to make it grittier and edgier than the original. This is three strikes against Paramount already and they still wanna go ahead with it.

I say this now to Paramount as a person who still remembers the original film and the music that made it even worth remembering. Leave it alone. You will never find another Kevin Bacon, or another musician as powerful as the group that made the soundtrack what it is.

Then again...you green-lit another Mission: Impossible sequel.

What do I know?

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