A Few Ideas To Stop Violence In Chicago Neighborhoods

Understand that this post carries a little humor and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Yesterday I was made aware of the fact that a couple of our upstanding politicians wish to bring the National Guard in to stop the violence in Chicago. I can certainly see their point given that every other day it appears that violence is hovering over my city. The downside to this is that it's short-sighted.

You want a way to stop violence in this city? Here are a few suggestions:

  • More after-school programs.
  • Get parents to hijack their kids IPods and MP3 players and delete all modern-day hip-hop from their playlist and include thoughtful songs like the one above.
  • Put more businesses in those "questionable" neighborhoods to give people jobs.
  • Make bus service better in those same "questionable" neighborhoods.
  • Emphaize to our Chicago children that the city's lakefront is one of the most calming places you can every visit here.
  • Force these bloated colleges with expensive tuition rates to create degrees for more practical and stable careers. The City Colleges already do that and the four-year colleges should too. Practical and stable careers, such as the ones in health care industry, are cruical in these harsh economic times and can prevent the citizens of this city from possibly falling into a criminal mindset.

I have other suggestions that are probably better and more sensible, but at least I am thinking. Chicago policy makers aren't doing that, and certainly suggest with this possible moronic decision. I know we can do better.

We have to do better.

This is not going to be a easy problem to fix, but we at least need to get started in thinking on how to fix it sensibly -- not with broad strokes.

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