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Quarantine Plays Out Like A Boring Pop-Up Book Of Horrors

Insomniacs are not good movie watchers. I should know since I am writing this review at 3:45am in the morning. I work a night job. When you work a night job you naturally stay up at night. To pass the time until the eyes close again, people do a variety of things. Me, I pick... Read more »

A Few Ideas To Stop Violence In Chicago Neighborhoods

Understand that this post carries a little humor and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Yesterday I was made aware of the fact that a couple of our upstanding politicians wish to bring the National Guard in to stop the violence in Chicago. I can certainly see their point given that every other day it appears... Read more »

Avatar -- Not A Small Screen Movie

When 2001: A Space Odyssey first came to VHS, people who had been told about this cinematic 1968 film from Stanley Kubrick probably didn’t see what all the hoopla was about. The way it was shot by cinematographer Geoffrey Unsworth seems more unremarkable on a small screen scale. This isn’t to say that a film... Read more »

Star Trek: Insurrection Attempts To Prove That Preschoolers Could Write A Trek Script

After the success of First Contact it was clear that Paramount was eager for another hit from the Star Trek: Next Generation film franchise with Insurrection. The idea to go for a more lighter tone seemed logical, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, is considered one of the most entertaining of the original series film... Read more »

Everybody Is Not Going To Cut Loose To A Footloose Remake

Back in my day, I used to buy the hell out of the Footloose soundtrack. Every song was corny as Kansas, but it was a happier time for me. I don’t feel that way anymore when I listen to the music and I hardly feel excited when I see the film on television. That being... Read more »

Justin Who?

For better or for worse, music has found another pint-sized superstar in Justin Bieber. I personally don’t know why. The song he has out now with Ludacris, “Baby”, is catchy, yet forgettable. Then again, I am not in Bieber’s age demographic. Time has moved on and the music that I liked in my day would... Read more »

Kiely Williams' Sexy New Video "Spectacular" Scares My Pelvis

Back in the early 2000’s when Destiny’s Child was reaching it’s peak, music labels were scrambling to get girl groups that could compete with them. One that came out was called 3LW (Three Little Woman), which consisted of Naturi Naughton (left), Adrienne Bailon (right) and Kiely Williams (middle). Most of their songs, including their hits... Read more »