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Toddler Ten Commandments

These Toddler Ten Commandments were handed down generations ago, written, scribbled actually, on the underside of cereal boxes with crayons. Anthropologists recently unearthed, from landfills miles deep in petroleum fortified disposable diapers, these Toddler Commandments and are currently verifying their providence.  True story. 1.  Thou shalt not do anything asked of you only once.  Repeating... Read more »

Super Nanny Where Are You? The Reverse Time-Out

Time-outs are not a common thing in our home, but they happen.  Mary Tyler Son just turned three years old and every once in a while that adorable angel, the fruit of our marital love, acts the fool.  Yes.  It happens. We follow a fairly standard time-out routine.  Having just turned three, Mary Tyler Son is now doled out... Read more »

Donna's Cancer Story: Surgery 3.0

This is the seventeenth of thirty-one installments of Donna’s Cancer Story, which will appear daily in serial format through the month of September to recognize Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Each post will cover one month of Donna’s thirty-one months of treatment. I’ve used the word whiplash to describe life with Donna’s cancer before, but this... Read more »

WTF: Required reading for the toddler parent.

This book is not even published and I already love it: Admit it.  You’ve had this thought before.  More than you may choose to admit.  Embrace it, I say.  Revel in the liberation of wailing loudly (inside your head of course – – it’s just rude to curse at a toddler, yo), GO THE FUCK... Read more »