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My Ungrateful Boy

‘Tis the season of gratitude, right?  You would think so, but not necessarily for three year old boys.  In this most abundant of seasons, we’ve been talking a lot about gratitude and being thankful at home and at school.  My boy is lucky.  He has a nice home, goes to a great school, has two... Read more »

Slogging Through the Sludge of Life

Saturday I did my annual planting.  We live in a condo with a postage stamp sized front yard and lots of hosta.  No fuss, no muss.  Hosta fulfills my housewife mantra:  minimum imput, maximum output.  Hosta shows that you care, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time caring, except it looks like... Read more »

Easter for Heathens: Religious Holidays When You're Not Religious

Yesterday was Easter, which also happened to coincide with Passover — two of the highest of Holy Days in Judeo-Christian traditions.  For many, these days hold extreme relevance, for others, they are another day on the calendar.  For me, well, it’s complicated. I was raised Catholic.  Irish-Catholic.  Parochial school education, Church every Sunday, Midnight Mass... Read more »

My Life As an Idiot

So three year old Mary Tyler Son said to me yesterday morning, “You don’t know a lot of stuff, Mom, do you?”  What the what?  Oh no, he didn’t. Oh, yes, he did. We were working on a five layer body puzzle and as we were moving from muscles to the under layer of organs, Mary... Read more »

Toddler Ten Commandments

These Toddler Ten Commandments were handed down generations ago, written, scribbled actually, on the underside of cereal boxes with crayons. Anthropologists recently unearthed, from landfills miles deep in petroleum fortified disposable diapers, these Toddler Commandments and are currently verifying their providence.  True story. 1.  Thou shalt not do anything asked of you only once.  Repeating... Read more »

My kid loves my poop.

Parenting is a humbling enterprise. Daily you get reminders of what you’re bad at, where you fail, what your limitations are, and, if you parent with someone, what your spouse or co-parent does better than you. Then there are the reminders from your kids that their whole lives depend on you. You. Wow. If that... Read more »

WTF: Required reading for the toddler parent.

This book is not even published and I already love it: Admit it.  You’ve had this thought before.  More than you may choose to admit.  Embrace it, I say.  Revel in the liberation of wailing loudly (inside your head of course – – it’s just rude to curse at a toddler, yo), GO THE FUCK... Read more »