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A Letter to the Moms of Newtown on Mother's Day

Your kids have not been forgotten.  I think about you and them most every day.  December 14 will always hold a new significance for me and so many others.  The day that changed your life forever, making it at times seem unrecognizable, no doubt, has in some small way touched me, too.  I am so... Read more »

The Other Side of the Mother's Day Coin

Mother’s Day is Sunday.  Sigh.  For me, Mother’s Day is like Valentine’s Day for the broken hearted, Christmas and Thanksgiving without family, and New Year’s Eve at home alone.  All on the same day.  You know those holidays manufactured to make you feel badly?  Yeah, that’s Mother’s Day at my home.  No need to play your... Read more »

Donna's Cancer Story: Mother's Day

This is the fourteenth of thirty-one installments of Donna’s Cancer Story, which will appear daily in serial format through the month of September to recognize Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Each post will cover one month of Donna’s thirty-one months of treatment. When you go through cancer treatment with your child, you meet some of the... Read more »