14 of America's Worst 25 Mass Shootings Have Happened Since I Became a Mother in 2005

You lose sight of these kind of things in the day-to-day, but this morning I opened up Google to research the worst mass shootings in America’s history.  You know, as one does on a Monday morning.  Two of them have happened in the past six weeks.  How’s that for sobering? I found this list that... Read more »

Mothers Dying: It Ain't Right

It could be the gray skies and damp, chill air.  Maybe it’s because it is All Souls Day.  Perhaps it is just my morose mood as I gird myself for the upcoming daylight savings time change this weekend.  Winter is coming, yada yada yada.  Whatever the reason, right now I am thinking a lot about... Read more »

Late Night Comedians Get Serious About Gun Violence and Our Cowardly Congress

As America wound down after another day of trying to recover from the current worst mass shooting in modern American history (I see you, Wounded Knee), late night comedians and hosts had something to say about it.  Well, except Jimmy Fallon.  Pffft. The message was universal and clear — we need greater gun control laws... Read more »
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Las Vegas Shooting: "Mama, Don't Look At the News."

I awoke this morning to the sound of my husband’s key on the other side of our front door, locking it before making his way to the airport.  He is traveling to Las Vegas before the crack of dawn for a business trip.  My first thought was, “Oh, I missed him.  I didn’t even say... Read more »

25 Things Moms (And Dads) Can Do To Combat Climate Change

Hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes, sweltering temperatures, the polar vortex, melting ice sheets, hungry polar bears, dead coral, and on and on and on. Politicians can deny and ignore climate change, they can erase web sites and scientific data, they can discount the 97% of scientists who stand united that human activity is changing the climate... Read more »

Rotted Teeth

I went to an oral surgeon this week to atone for my dental sins.  After thirteen years of neglect, part of the price I paid for these dental sins was the extraction of three rotted teeth. In 2004, the last year in which I saw a dentist, just a few months after getting my first... Read more »

These Graham Cracker Days: Thoughts on Motherhood

Costco sells big boxes of graham crackers that hold four regular sized boxes — the kind that you can pick up at your local market. These days, my family, well, my boys really, eat enough graham crackers to make a run to Costco for things like graham crackers in bulk both cost and time efficient.... Read more »

I Miss Being Mothered

Today is my Mom’s 83rd birthday, except she hasn’t celebrated a birthday past age 70, when she died.  That’s almost thirteen years of not being mothered.  I miss my Mom, but more and more, I realize how much I miss being mothered.  Selfish as it is, I miss those things my Mom provided me. There... Read more »

I Visited Civil War and WWII Memorials Yesterday and Then I Heard About Charlottesville

The feeling was palpable and even in the moment I knew that I was seeing the Civil War monument with keener eyes.  Yesterday  I spent a few hours in Muskegon, Michigan with family on our way home from our summer vacation along Lake Michigan’s shores.  We parked the car to give the kiddos a chance... Read more »

How to Manage Political PTSD

I’ve heard time and again from angry conservative trolls on the Internet that they had to live for eight long years under the tyranny of an Obama reign, so, apparently, Trump is our karma for them not liking our nation’s first African American president.  Say what you will about Obama’s really, really not good education... Read more »